By: Savannah Smith | 06-30-2018 | News
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Texas - Suspect Drains Bank Account of 112-Year-Old Veteran

At 112 years old, Richard Overton is believed to be the oldest man in the country, and also the oldest living World War II veteran who was at Pearl Harbor just after the Japanese attack.

The country and the Americans value the great contributions and the supreme sacrifice of veterans. This became more evident when an online campaign in 2015 raised more than $300,000 for Overton. The funds raised from the campaign provided for around-the-clock, in-home care for Overton. The veteran needs the medical attention since he has faced numerous bouts of pneumonia, aggravated by his age.

But it seems that not everyone can grant him the respect and support he deserves. Someone was able to obtain the personal information of the Texas resident and used such information to drain the veteran’s bank account.

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His family confirms that his Social Security and banking account numbers for Overton were used to make seven withdrawals over the past recent months.

Overton’s cousin, Volma Overton did not disclose how much was stolen but admitted that it was a “significant amount of money.” A police report says the stolen money was used to buy savings bonds.

The authorities did not disclose the identity of the suspect (or suspects), if they have already established who stole the Austin veteran’s money. It is also not clear if the suspect is related to or known to Overton. It is also not known if the authorities are ready to file charges against the person or people who did not spare the old man who has done great service to the country.

The money would have ensured the veteran a comfortable life in his last presumably few years on earth. It would have afforded Overton’s favorites, if he wanted to, including Tampa Sweet cigars (he says he never inhales the smoke), whiskey, coffee and Dr. Pepper.


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Anonymous No. 30095 2018-06-30 : 19:26

Crimes against our senior citizens let alone seniors that served our country should be treated as a crime as serious as preying on children. This type shit is appalling and there’s zero excuse. Just a greedy shitbag robbing anyone considered unable to defend themselves. This is as sick as a pedo raping a child and should be addressed as harshly.

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