By: Savannah Smith | 05-18-2017 | News
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In Life and Death, Liberals Are Arrogant and Vicious; Disrespect Ailes and Family

It is in bad and tragic situations that people’s true character surfaces- either the strength of their spirits or goodness of their hearts and on the other side, cruel, vile behavior and mean thoughts during hard times when others are suffering. Liberals for all their much-vaunted supposed political correctness have shown their true selves again and prove that during a trying time, they fall under the vicious type category.

Liberal journalists exhibited such spiteful attitude over their reactions to the tragic and sad death of Fox News founder Roger Ailes. While Ailes’s former colleagues, staff, and network fans were grieving the loss of a man they respected and admired for his immense contributions to journalism in general, and to Fox News, in particular, liberal journalists in a display of such insensitive, crass and classless attitude chose to celebrate Ailes’s death instead and even in death, subjected him to character assassination.

Some of them even broadcast their contempt online for all the world to see. Some later pulled out their vicious posts, but quick social media users were there to preserve evidence of such liberals’ vile through screengrabs.

One of those who jumped on with his revolting behavior is Huffington Post’s senior politics editor Sam Stein. He tweeted: “Yes, Roger Ailes was a TV genius. He also had an apparently monstrous personal life, and nasty dangerous editorial instincts.” Stein has turned into a judge of character and an expert of sound editorial judgment.

Another liberal Craig Solo showed similar disgusting arrogance at such an insensitive time. He tweeted: “Why is #Morning Joe salivating Ailes? He was garbage who helped ruin America.

And here’s one that should get an award for the sickest “eulogy” for Ailes, Anand Giridharadas who playing a self-righteous, arrogant judge-wannabe, tweeted: “A lesson of today: if you live as an abusive, cynical scoundrel who loves nothing more than your own power, no one will cry when you die.”

While Fox News posted only a direct and matter- of- fact breaking news announcement of Ailes’s death, liberal John Niven displayed all the vile hatred in his heart and in his character by responding a tweet that read: “ F#$k him and [email protected]%k you f*^king jizz rags.

Nobody becomes a saint just by dying, and Roger Ailes, in life and death is certainly no saint. But he was a person with his own good contributions to family, friends and the media industry. More so, he was a human being with family and friends who love him, and in this difficult time, are grieving his tragic loss. The world may have various cultures, customs and practices surrounding the dead in terms of rituals, wake and burial arrangements, prayers, etc. But there’s one universal thing that all decent people adhere to whoever the dead is: show respect for the dead who can no longer fight back and defend one’s self from malice, and accord dignity to the loved ones left behind, to honor their pain so they may be able to grieve in silence and peace, even for a short reprieve as they allow the reality of loss to sink in. But no, for arrogant hypocritical liberals who showcase purported political correctness like a badge of honor, even that demonstration of goodwill for a fellow human being and his family is, apparently, something that is asking for too much.


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