By: Major James Burdock | 05-18-2017 | News

Why a Special Counsel on Russia is Good News for Trump

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is now in charge of a special counsel to investigate the Trump-Russia Connection.

So what does this mean for Trump, for Democrats and, most importantly, the media?

Yes, this is a victory for Hillary Clinton and her "Resistance" movement. But the victory is only in their minds.

The real result of having a special counsel being appointed to investigate a theory with very questionable evidence is a good thing. And the powerful groups that want Trump impeached don't understand why.

First, The special counsel was called way too soon. This is a prosecutor's nightmare in a court of law. There is little evidence on which to build a case.

Second, Robert Mueller was appointed FBI director just one week before the 9/11 attacks, The senate vote was 98-0. He is well respected and known to be level-headed. So, when he is presented with the evidence, he will conduct the investigation on the evidence. Not hysteria and hyperventilation.

Third, Now that a special counsel is appointed, the heat will be off Trump himself. It is now completely appropriate for Trump to decline to answer any questions regarding the Russians. The witch-hunt is now neatly contained. Now, the media will have to hound Rober Meuller to feed their agenda.

It's not just the media that will be contained on the subject. The Democrats, The Deep State, The NeverTrumpers and the Establishment Republicans will also be contained. At least on their obsession with Russia.

The special counsel is authorized to prosecute federal crimes arising from the investigation. So these are prosecutors building a case. Mueller is probably shrugging his shoulders right now.

This is why Republicans should be celebrating Mueller's appointment.

There is one danger, however. The evidence a special counsel can remain secret and, in an effort to justify its efforts and expenditures, would have a tremendous incentive to get a prosecution even if it's unnecessary or unwarranted. We also can't ignore Clinton Cartel which has a nasty habit of threatening and sometimes killing people who are in Mueller's predicament.

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Lon Spector No. 3007 2017-05-18 : 18:41

IF you can trust the Special Prosecutor.

I don't.

"Seek and Ye shall find."

Are you old enough to remember Watergate?

I book was written about it. It was called

"Silent Coup."

Good bye Trump. Hello Hillary.

America, rest in peace.

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