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The Stargate Conspiracy: KibBitzLaw Tweets and Mysteries

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A user running a Twitter account identified as KibBitzLaw has been spreading weird information. By blending a huge conspiracy theory with current affairs, the user has managed to threaten top level officials with leaking information in a very unusual way.

The Twitter account, which was created back in March 2009, mentions WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning, Seth Rich, and even the Stargate. Several institutions expressed concern over the Twitter account, such included the mainstream media along with the Democrats who were running for Congress. Since then, the account has been relatively dormant.

The account made some tweets during the 2016 presidential elections. However, this month it has blasted with loads of activities. The account is said to belong to a member of a US family establishment who is said to like Irish folk music and who complains about the fact that the Freemasonry is corrupted. The individual could be sincere with their chatter online, but then may be a troll that is just playing with the social media.

The same user made a statement recently on Reddit saying that something was going to happen on September 23, 2017, and that the odds are not in our favor.

The user revealed that they had been born into a family that set up the system with all good intention to unknowingly allow the events after WWII to occur. Being raised in a Freemason family, they lived close to the Bush compound in Maine, living in a normal well to do family. They said that what happened from September to just weeks ago had awakened them and they were given a call to leave the rat race

They also emphasize that greater forces are at work and while many people complain about the world and the state it is in, people should expect change to arrive by the hand of the people who have been elected.

Information is sensitive and not everyone is privileged to access it. The user states that the system has been set up to destroy and only a few will be picked to remain and humanity will go back to the Stone Age if people get too close to the truth.

The individual who posted the statement on Reddit has blamed the Bush family for allowing moral turpitude into the leadership of the US and a former democrat who wanted Trump to become president. The user also made references to the ultimate conspiracy, Stargate conspiracy, which rewrites modern history as it is known. Some have raised questions over why Obama was the first person to follow that account.

A comment on Reddit said that a lot of what that the user says is accurate but that a large portion of it is also rubbish. They said that the Stargate concept came from the movie and the TV series and there has not been any evidence that could be called credible that exists outside of science fiction. The person also said that the only Stargate program that existed was a CIA experiment to try to find the accuracy of remote viewing to gather up intelligence.


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