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Clinton Body Count Series: #3. John F Kennedy Jr. dared to run for the same Senate seat as Hillary!

This Series will detail the many “suicides” surrounding the “Clinton Crime Family”.

These cases are either quickly closed or still under investigation.

The third case I selected to write about is John F. Kennedy Jr. Was Kennedy killed so Hillary would win the Senate seat?

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On July 16, 1999, Kennedy was flying his wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and her sister Lauren Bessette in his Piper Saratoga II aircraft when it crashed into the ocean near Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.

The National Transportation Safety Board’s official report said: 'The pilot's failure to maintain control of the airplane during a descent over water at night, which was a result of spatial disorientation. Factors in the accident were haze and the dark night.'

NTSB, which investigated the crash looked into JFK Jr's flying qualifications.

Kennedy sought weather forecasts and planned to fly to Martha's Vineyard during the day but didn’t depart until night. He flew approximately 30 miles over water.

Experts believe Kennedy, who had only completed about 50 percent of an instrument rating course, lost his bearings and unable to see the horizon spiraled out of control into the ocean.

Inspectors could not find any prior problems in the aircraft's airframe, systems, avionics and engine which could help explain the catastrophe.

Let us first consider the official story that JFK Jr. crashed due to "pilot error".

The NTSB declared "spatial disorientation" without any evidence of such.

This video below presents overwhelming evidence of foul play in the death of John F Kennedy Jr. - all based on official government documents.

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Excerpts of the video:

‘The search of the crash site was delayed an incomprehensible 15 hours. There was a flight instructor on the plane, whose body is missing, and even his chair. Either someone on that plane committed suicide, shutting off the Fuel Control Valve, or it was shut off by remote control, before plunging the plane into the sea.’

‘JFK Jr.’s plane broke in half just aft of the cabin. The damage matches what could be caused by a plastique (C-4) shape charge which was formed along the bottom of the fuselage and up along both sides of the walls. The charge appears to have been caused to be set off or exploded with a large spark generated by a barometric switch device triggered by the altitude of the plane. In other words, the assassins chose the altitude for the explosion of the plane–a standard procedure to make the target’s murder look like an accident. Ten individuals said they actually saw JFK Jr's plane explode in mid-air.’

‘A Flight Instructor was required until JFK Jr. was certified to fly at night. Was the Flight Instructor a "Manchurian Candidate" - someone who was "pre-programmed" to act in a certain way upon command? Or was the Flight Instructor an agent, who ejected from the plane and parachuted to safety? Who was the Flight, Instructor? JFK Jr, his wife, and sister in law waited at the airport until the Flight Instructor arrived. Was he the one who plunged the plane into a nosedive, and shut off the Fuel Control Valve so JFK Jr. could not bring the flight level?’

‘John F. Kennedy, Jr. checked in with the FAA Tower at Martha’s Vineyard at 9:39 p.m. on July 16, 1999. This check-in activates two alarm systems: one if the plane thereafter descends below 100’ outside the landing area, another if the plane fails to land within five minutes. Each alert should trigger an alarm and a search, but no focused search was begun for 15+ hours. The delay was required by his killers to find the downed plane and remove the battery from the cockpit voice recorder, remove the Flight Log that listed all passengers and remove the body of the Certified Flight Instructor who was on the plane. Contrary to standard procedure, the Pentagon took control of the civilian crash and “disappeared” crucial evidence.’

More excerpts:

‘There are so many facts that point to the plane crash not being an accident. The official National Transportation Safety Board report was published thirteen months after the crash and despite the fact that it concluded that "the accident that killed Kennedy was caused by an inexperienced pilot" there are many contradictions in that report that show foul play.’ Here are a few;

‘Media reports that the plane went down in poor visibility are untrue. The Tower manager at Martha's Vineyard (where the plane went down) says there were stars out and that visibility was between 10 and 12 miles that night.’

‘The NTSB concluded that JFK Jr was described by his trainers as an "excellent", "methodical" and "very cautious" pilot. If he was such a careful pilot why when he got into difficulty, would he not have engaged the autopilot that was capable of flying the plane to within 100 feet of the airport?‘

‘JFK Jr was actually a highly experienced pilot with enough hours under his belt to qualify for an instructor's license.’

‘The mysterious flight instructor. Early reports of the accident said there was a flight instructor on board—then all of a sudden the flight instructor disappeared from accounts of the accident. It is just not a reasonable conclusion that Kennedy did not have a flight instructor on board.’

‘He had flown a total of 310 hours and of those, 55 hours were at night. He had only flown 45 minutes of those 55 hours at night without an instructor. He was very cautious and had his wife and her sister on board so it just doesn't add up that he didn't have an instructor with him.’

‘The logbook is missing. The log book would have recorded the presence of a flight instructor on the plane but has never been recovered.’

‘The US Coast Guard reports that JFK Jr had contacted the tower on his final approach. FAA regulations require that a search begins immediately when a plane hasn't landed within five minutes of reporting a final approach. Why did it take a staggering 14½ hours for a search to commence?’

‘The FAA went on to claim that there was never a communication from Kennedy to the tower despite all the immediate news reports to the contrary.’

‘It took five days to find the plane. How come the Emergency Locator Transmitter which sends out a beacon signal in the event of a crash didn't alert the rescue party? Nothing in the NTSB report was mentioned about the ELT so we don't know if it was missing or even disabled.’

‘The presence of a black box. No other private non-jet plane in service at the time had a black box (the flight recorder), yet Kennedy had one installed on his plane. Why? Even more suspicious, the battery had been removed from the black box, meaning there was no record of any conversation in the cockpit.’

‘The fuel valve. According to the NTSB report the fuel valve had been turned to OFF. This could not have been done by accident. Obviously, the fuel valve is highly important and would never be turned off mid-flight—doing so at full speed would result in the engine dying in 45 seconds. Therefore the valves are fitted with a safety release button that must be pushed down and held while the valve is being turned. Kennedy wasn't committing suicide so who turned the valve off? The non-existent flight instructor?’

Unanswered Questions

Why did it take 15 hours to find the crash site, despite transponder signals?

Why was the fuel valve lock found closed?

Why was a seat missing from the plane?

Why is the testimony of some witnesses regarding the JFK Jr. death classified for "national security" until 2025?

Some believe Bush Jr. had some involvement in the “possible” assassination of JFK Jr. Others believe Hillary Clinton was involved.

To understand how the death of John Kennedy Jr. and Hillary Clinton’s political career are linked, we must go down the rabbit hole to Hillary’s planned political career.

Hillary was hell-bent on becoming a politician, and nothing would stand in her way.

To launch a political career that would take her all the way to the White House, Hillary knew that the first step was to become a senator or governor.

She moved to New York for the sole purpose of running for Senator.

In 1999, Hillary’s plans were decimated when John Kennedy Jr. said he was thinking of getting into politics. John Kennedy Jr. was raised in New York, and it was his home state.

There was one open Senate seat coming up, and Hillary banked on winning the seat of retiring Senator Daniel Moynihan.

According to the Daily News, in an article from 1999, following John Kennedy Jr.’s death:

‘A private poll in 1997 found that John F. Kennedy Jr. was by far the state’s most popular Democrat, and two friends said yesterday they believed he would have run for office someday. Earlier this year, in one of the best-kept secrets in state politics, Kennedy considered seeking the seat of retiring Sen. Daniel Moynihan (D-N.Y.).’

There is no doubt that Hillary got news that JFK’s son was running for the Senate seat. Her move to New York to establish residency so she could run for that Senate seat would be over if John Kennedy Jr. entered the race.

<div style="width:100%;text-align:center;margin:0 auto;"><iframe width="360" height="202" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

Most everyone knows about John Kennedy Jr.’s plane crash on July 16th, 1999. Did you also know that Bill Clinton oversaw the recovery of the crash site? An article in the Chicago Tribune proves Bill Clinton was intimately involved in recovering the plane crash, which would put him in the perfect position to enact a cover-up:

‘President Clinton, who will attend the Kennedy service with First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, on Wednesday defended the resources that were committed to the rescue and recovery efforts after Kennedy’s plane crashed Friday night on a flight from New Jersey to Martha’s Vineyard.’

“If anyone believes that was wrong, the Coast Guard is not at fault, I am,” Clinton said. “It was because I thought it was the right thing to do under the circumstances.” [via Chicago Tribune]’

Steve Sbraccia, a CBS reporter, who was first on the scene, stated:

“I’ve always felt there was something wrong about that crash…from the way, the police swept through that beach forcing everyone off to the way they kept the wreck site closely guarded until they pulled up every bit of debris.”

Sbraccia said he had encountered a reporter from the Martha’s Vineyard Gazette who claimed to have seen an explosion in the air and then seemingly vanished from the face of the earth.

Sbraccia reiterated, “I can swear in court that man was real and I reported exactly what he told me he saw.”

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Conspiracy theory or conspiracy fact? I have oft wondered if she was behind his death. JFK Jr. stood in the way of her political ambitions. I can&#39;t vouch for the veracity of the source, but what they say (at first… <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Jeff Schwager (@schwagerjt) <a href="">June 21, 2018</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

Knowing what we know about the Clintons’ criminal history and all the evidence that points to their involvement in other deaths, is it a stretch to believe that Hillary needed Kennedy dead and would do whatever it took?

Kennedy would have won the Senate seat and he would have eventually become president, leaving Hillary out. Instead, he ended up dead, like countless others in Hillary’s way.

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Joel No. 29924 2018-06-28 : 03:39

I can't believe that she keeps getting away with it all. Great article Lexy!

DeplorableRN No. 29925 2018-06-28 : 03:45

Great article Lexy. I didn’t know all the details surrounding the crash. Too many deaths surrounding the Clintons for them all to be suicides or accidents.

Jo No. 29926 2018-06-28 : 03:46

To this day this case haunts me. I remember clearly the day of the plane crash. I did not believe it was an accident then, and I really don’t now. Your article provided more information then I was able to dig up. Thank you!

Anonymous No. 29928 2018-06-28 : 04:23

Keep them coming Lexy, Great article!

tab No. 29929 2018-06-28 : 04:25

the family immediately cremated him so no evidential exhumation is possible…..

Jan No. 29930 2018-06-28 : 04:28

Now we know the extent to which the deep state will go to..we are up against pure evil! And the Clintons just keep adding to that body count.

rcaps66 No. 29931 2018-06-28 : 04:33

Wow Lexy, that is a story I had never heard before. Thank you for doing this particular installment of your series, it was truly eye-opening. Not particularly a Kennedy fan, but that family has been savagely treated by the deep state of America. I can't thank you enough for having the courage to take on this difficult and dangerous assignment. Keep it up and stay safe.

Not2far2right No. 29942 2018-06-28 : 11:35

What a difference it would have made if he hadn't been killed. Great article!

Bruce No. 29945 2018-06-28 : 12:04

Lexy, you're so talented. Thanks for shedding light on various atrocities #Killary was involved in.

Michael M. No. 29946 2018-06-28 : 12:49

Lexy–thank you for writing about this criminal. It is so obvious that she is corrupt and vile. She needs to be brought to JUSTICE!

Vicki No. 29975 2018-06-28 : 21:22

I never believed it was an accident

Anonymous No. 29983 2018-06-29 : 02:46

Wow. This wicked wench of the east is as evil as Satan Himself. Her day of reckoning draws nigh.

Amazing article Lexy! Love you sister.

Kathy C No. 29984 2018-06-29 : 02:46

Great article. Unfortunately, with every day that passes it seems like something like this could have happened. Keep searching for the truth.

Anonymous No. 29985 2018-06-29 : 02:48

Excellent article.

Gloria No. 29986 2018-06-29 : 02:59

I firmly believe the Clintons are responsible.

DA No. 29987 2018-06-29 : 03:28

Great article. I don't have a hard time buying they killed him. I think they sure killed his dad. And the bodies are adding up! I suspect strongly that "they" killed Scalia too.

Anon No. 29990 2018-06-29 : 04:26

> 29929

I’ve read several reports stating the family had ZERO say in either the “investigation” or the funeral. The articles said BC was calling the shots and ordered the cremations and burial at sea against the wishes of the families.

I also read an article recently stating John Jr. was looking into matters involving Israel and/or Mossad in connection with his father and others. The article said he was warned to back off several times and he did not. That article suggested these actors were involved with the explosives aboard the plane.

And, let’s not forget TWA Flight 800.

Mona No. 29993 2018-06-29 : 06:39

Lexy I knew nothing about the flight instructor and had forgotten that JFK Jr’s death was during her initial senatorial run, even without that I had become highly suspicious of the ppl who die after being associated with Hillary Clinton. You did a great job of tying it all together factually.

Leo PRZ No. 29997 2018-06-29 : 08:13

Excellent article! Knowing what we know now about the Clintons, I wouldn't doubt if Hillary was behind running a clandestine campaign to depose this bright, young man by any means necessary. Thanks Lexy! Iam looking forward to read more articles from you

FAA DER No. 30015 2018-06-29 : 12:32

Not sure if this is meant to be a serious article or not but there are numerous, significant errors.

Karen Giorda No. 30026 2018-06-29 : 16:00

Awesome article

The Clintons have so many skeletons in their closet nothing surprises me. I’m sure in my gut I know they are responsible for a lot of deaths!!

Wow again great work on your article !!

Dodgelover59 No. 30225 2018-07-02 : 08:05


Be sure you stay away from Ft. Marcy Park.

We wouldn't want your name on their list

Well written and supported No. 30271 2018-07-03 : 01:07

Another Rock Solid informative and excellent article Lexy! So thankful found you… the Clinton death count is as faciinating as it is insidious and EVIL.

Schermann No. 30293 2018-07-03 : 11:32

Water seems to be a common theme with the Kennedy's and the left.

paulm268 No. 30450 2018-07-05 : 03:32

Outstanding reporting. Lexy, you are a true investigative journalist. Letting the cat out of the bag can really be dangerous when it implicates the Hildebeast…please be careful. I know that you already know that.

Boing Boing. No. 31081 2018-07-12 : 18:55

Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Died August 12, 1944 while flying an experimental bomber laden with explosives. He and his Co-pilot were supposed to arm the explosives then parachute from the aircraft that was to be flown remotely to its target by a pilot in a chase plane. The aircraft exploded prematurely over Blythburgh, East Suffolk, United Kingdom,as the pilots attempted to arm the high explosives. Both Kennedy and his co-pilot were killed instantly. No remains were ever recovered.

Rico No. 93956 2019-03-19 : 14:27

I hate the Clintons but this article is BS.
And clearly the author knows nothing about aviation.
Such accidens involving VFR into IFR resulting in spatial disorientation following a crash are very common.

FactFinder No. 94071 2019-04-18 : 20:25

John F. Kennedy Jr. was not a candidate in New York's U.S. Senate race before dying in a July 1999 plane crash, clearing the way for Hillary Clinton to win the seat.

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