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A baby goat suffering from a rare condition defies vets and is now considered as a sacred one-eyed animals being flocked by the villagers to be worshiped.

A baby goat was born with one enlarged eye on May 10 in Assam, India. Vets came to check on the kid and predicted that the kid would only live within a few days.The baby goat is blind due to the optical nerve not forming properly. It has only one ear, no eyelashes, eyelids, and nose.

The goat's owner, Mukhuri Das was shocked that the baby goat survived and people are coming to his place just to see the baby goat.

The villagers considered the baby goat to be sacred and already gaining worshippers. People are already visiting the said village just to see the goat.

One villager thought the news was a lie; he was shocked when he saw that the goat really has one eye.

Mukhuri believes that God sent him the baby goat. He also believes that the kid will bring his family luck and already make them famous. He is taking good care of the baby goat feeding it like a normal goat.

The baby goat has a condition called Cyclopia. It is a rare congenital disorder that occurs in both humans and animals. This happens in the womb when the front lobe of the embryo's brain did not separate the left and right hemispheres.

The result is the formation of a central cavity having one eye or sometimes partially fused or separate eyeballs. The tongue protrudes because its upper and lower lips are small, the upper jaw is short and teeth are missing. This condition was seen before in horses, pigs, cows, cats and even dusky sharks.

The name Cyclops is a Greek word which literally means round-eyed. Cyclopes are legends being famous in the immortal epic The Odyssey from Ancient Greek poet Homer.


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>a race of people that can't even conceive of toilets or hygiene

>worshipping mutants

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Keep this away from any potential catechumens, catechumens or Christians.


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Sucks that it's going to die sooon

nanotech No. 2997 1495090338

indians are a joke

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Considering the list of weird crap western society believes in, this is pretty boring. Gotta go, my spaceship for alien ghosts has arrived to perform probes, while making crop circles in the shape of crosses, for an invisible man who lives in the sky with his son who has the wrong birthday, bye now.

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come on knobbies, all these wind up comments i've scattered on he re, and not even one tirade from a hillbilly hank? boring

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