By: Savannah Smith | 10-27-2016 | News
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President Obama Lied About Hillary Clinton's Private Email Server Too

Donald Trump suggested that President Barack Obama should be investigated as well for knowing all along about Hillary Clonton's private email server, and for possibly lying about his prior knowledge about this. Turns out, Trump may be correct again as FBI files show that Pres.Obama used a pseudonym to exchange emails with Hillary during her term as Secretary of State when she was already using a private server.

A Fox News report says Pres. Obama may have received Hillary's emails on his state-secured Blackberry. Now, what could be irregular about that? The President's Blackberry phone adheres to very strict security measures. For one the mobile blocks his location, and it can only receive calls, texts and emails from ' whitelisted' numbers- phone numbers the President himself has pre-approved. So for him to have email exchanges with Hillary, her private email address then is definitely on his list.

Fox News asked then that if indeed Obama received Hillary's emails on his Blackberry, did Hillary and her team direct the White House Communications Office to accept the email and whitelist it?

Wikileaks recent releases reveal that Team Clinton scrambled to cover the tracks of both the president and Hillary when Pres. Obama said in a news interview that he only learned about her use of private server from the media and at about the same time the public knew about it, too.

" We need to clean this up- he has emails from her. They do not say", emailed Hillary's chief of staff Cheryl Mills to campaign chair John Podesta last year.

Most recent Wikileaks releases also show how Clinton aides scrambled to address the whole mess created by the discovery of Hillary's private server.

Phillippe Reines, a top Clinton aide, wrote to Podesta and their other colleagues that " there is just no good answer" to questions about why Hillary decided to have a private server in the first place.

" We need to get through the process phase, get them all out there and let the content do the talking", Reines added.

And the content we are seeing now indeed is doing a lot of talking- and we hear so many lies from Hillary, and apparently from Pres. Obama as well, too.

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