By: Savannah Smith | 05-17-2017 | News
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Raw File Sources: DNC Staffer Leaks Democrat Programs Used To Spam Social Media

An anonymous follower of who identified himself as a DNC staffer posted on the site to leak the programs Democrats used to spam social media platforms presumably in a desperate attempt to sway public opinion and push liberal views.

The anonymous source said he (although if could also be a ‘she’) cannot provide further verification regarding his work at the DNC without giving away his identity. But he made a promise to release at 12 EST the DNC bots they use for Reddit, Youtube, and Twitter.

He shared that he saw the following relevant links from another site:

The source said he is motivated to leak the bots due to a conscience call and love for his country. He said the DNC is no longer doing it for the love of America as Democrats love to brag about, but are just driven by the need to promote their propaganda. The leaker said he can no longer deal with it. He specified the bots as:

- Reddit Vote Bot

- Reddit account Creator

- News Article to Reddit (the DNC supply us with a list, it will automatically post them, and then upvote them)

- Youtube Article creator (again, the DNC will supply us with the list, it will generate a video and TTS and upload to youtube and share to Reddit and upvote, but the Reddit post and Youtube video)

- - Youtube account creator

- - Twitter account creator

- - Twitter Follower

- - Twitter post like/retweet

- - Twitter poll bot (will vote on any option we choose)

The leader also said the DNC has more bots which he could not discuss at that moment. He shared he is using TOR so he should be safe.

As always, followers had a lively time discussing the new post. Some expressed doubts if the anonymous guy really works for the DNC, or for just getting links from another site that many followers of do not have fond feelings for, to say it subtly. But a follower said that because he does not bother going to the much-maligned and obviously disliked site by followers, if the anonymous leaker is legitimate, then those tools would still be useful to everyone on

One user shared useful information. He said it is not hard to create bots to do those things. He said the hard part is not getting banned for using them. He added that the DNC probably has some deals with those companies that gives them ban immunity.


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