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Look Who’s Back: After Podcasts, Bill O’ Reilly To Join Glenn Beck’s, Radio Show

Bill O’ Reilly is steadily making his way to a media comeback after getting fired a month ago from Fox News over several sexual harassment allegations. He started with continuing with his brand “No Spin News” podcasts aired on his own website. And now comes the announcement that he will invade the radio next as he teams up with another former Fox personality and his good friend, Glenn Beck.

O’ Reilly said on Monday that he will appear on a weekly segment on Beck’s three-hour radio show that airs on the conservative network TheBlaze to “discuss things back and forth with Beck.”

Reilly said things will going to be lively as he and Beck don’t agree on everything. The former cable news primetime king also said that he will appear on Beck’s show every Friday until Beck “gets tired of him.”

O’ Reilly’s weekly presence on the radio program is expected to boost TheBlaze as a leading conservative media outlet in the time of President Trump, while keeping O’ Reilly in the news, too. Before his exit from Fox News, O’Reilly’s was the highest-rating personality of the network, drawing record cable news ratings.

Various media outlets reported that O’ Reilly received $25 million payouts from Fox. He has recently launched “No Spin News” podcast on his website but is available only to paid subscribers. It remains less lucrative than television, of course.

His joining TheBlaze could be good timing, too, since the network just lost one of its top talents, 24-year old conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren. Lahren previously accused the network of canceling her show because she expressed pro-choice views, but has since settled with TheBlaze.

Beck is excited to get his friend onboard. On his program last Friday, Beck made the invite to O’Reilly. He said he would like O’Reilly to work for TheBlaze since he could not get the cable coverage by himself because he is not powerful enough. He said it would be good for the two of them to unite their powers “for good as opposed to evil.”

Beck could very well be returning the favor as well to O’Reilly. After Beck left Fox News in 2011, O’ Reilly constantly invited him as the guest to his top-rating “The O’ Reilly Factor.” Beck’s afternoon show on Fox used to draw good ratings, too, until he received some backlash from pro-Obama supporters for his anti-Obama conspiracy theories.

Beck also expressed support for O’Reilly on sexual harassment allegations against him, saying he find those rumors hard to believe since O’Reilly has always been well-behaved when he was with them and that he never saw his friend “utter a word that was even blue humor.”

From online through podcasts to radio albeit on a part-time support role basis, could going back to the medium where he once reigned as king be on the horizon for O’Reilly? If so, it will be interesting to find out which network he will join forces with.


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