By: Savannah Smith | 10-27-2016 | News
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Texas Voters Complain of Vote Switching from Trump to Clinton

Some supporters of Donald Trump from Texas have taken to social media to share their deplorable voting experience where

their votes for Trump were switched to Hillary Clinton.Lisa Houlette, a Texan resident in Randall County recounted on

Facebook that she voted Republican Straight but as she reviewed her ballot before submitting, she observed something odd.

The republican Straight ticket was highlighted, but the Clinton/Kaine box was also highlighted.

Houlette approached an election officer to rectify the matter but the officer could not fix the problem either.

It took another officer to help Houlette get back to the machine and vote straight Republican.

Another voter Shandy Clarke recounted on social media the experience of a family member who voted in Arlington,Texas.

Clarke's relative also voted Republican Straight but was puzzled to see her vote changed to Hillary Clinton.

The voter reported the matter and have it changed to reflect her clear support for Trump. Clarke said election workers

told her family member that

"Such errors have been happening."

Concerned election officers interviewed by Fox News claim such incidents occur every election cycle but deny

any issue of rigging, and blames everything on " human error". Republican nominee Donald Trump has been stating that the

election is rigged to favor Hillary Clinton. And it seems that Trump is not alone in his assessment as a

new poll by American Values Survey published on Washington Examiner reveals that only four out of 10 voters are very

confident that their votes will be counted accurately.

Eric Trump, son of Donald Trump, calls for the " garbage to stop and says as a people, Americans should get it right,

because we are better than that ( election rigging) as a country."

Voters like Houlette and Clarke in their social media posts both call on other voters to be vigilant,

to be careful and pay extra attention to their ballots before submitting, to ensure that their ballots reflect their true

support for their chosen candidates. They also advise voters to stand their ground,

call attention and complain when they become victims of irregularities.

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Mike WOOD No. 300 2016-10-27 : 15:32

not surprising trump votes go to Hillary but You will not see Hillary votes going to Trump.How else do You think Hillary can win the election.Honesty, Not cheating, staying within the law, We all know how she plans to win

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