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This may have happened a few years ago, but we still get a kick out of it whenever dog-lovers social media accounts refresh our memory with this unforgettable incident.

Dogs have a special part in many humans’ lives, but for many stray dogs, they are often treated as second-class canines, so to speak. One man in China treated a stray dog badly and paid the price for his cruel act. Apparently, some stray dogs know how to exact revenge against horrific humans.

A man in Chongqing, China found a stray dog in his parking spot and was far from gentle in dealing with the canine. The man kicked the dog to shoo him away.

The man might have thought his story ended there with the source of his irritation gone. To his surprise, the dog did not only come back, it came back with a bang, and a mission in mind- to exact revenge on the cruel man with a little help from his friends.

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The dog with its two supportive best buddies started attacking the man’s car, biting into it. The dogs chewed up the fenders and snipers. An alarmed neighbor saw what was happening and decided to take photos and videos of the revenge of the dogs.

Stray dogs are particularly susceptible to abuse in China where many of them are picked up on the streets and thrown into dog fights.

There are no animal cruelty laws in China.

Hopefully, the man has learned his lesson- that karma’s a bitch, so it pays to be a whole lot nicer to both humans and canines alike.


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Dogs are smart, that is why!

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