By: Savannah Smith | 05-15-2017 | News
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Horrific Video of a Broken-Hearted Musician’s Death By Fire

Another man has used Facebook to horrifically livestream his suicide. Memphis musician Jared McLemore committed tragic suicide at 12:30 a.m. on May 13 and the shocking act was livestreamed on his Facebook page.

Videos of the said incident now circulating on mainstream news media sites and online sites have been “sanitized” as a matter of editorial policy, taking out parts that viewers may find highly disturbing.

In the original livestreamed video, a shirtless McLemore can be seen on the screen, sitting cross-legged. He then leaves the frame for a several moments, returning shortly after and then shockingly pouring kerosene on his body.

McLemore,33, then takes out a lighter to set himself on fire, but another man off-camera jumps on top of the musician to prevent him from killing himself. The man’s attempts proved futile as McLemore still burst into flames. The frame was enveloped in flames.

While he was literally on fire and burning, McLemore ran to the Memphis bar where his ex-girlfriend Alyssa Moore had a gig. Bar goers tried to help McLemore by pouring beer and anything they could get their hands on to stop him from burning. Their efforts, too, fell short in saving the musician’s life.

Moore would later say in media interviews that McLemore committed suicide because she refused to put up with his abuse. Moore also believed that the musician even chose to mount his suicide just outside her workplace “so she could see the horror for herself.”

McLemore last posted on his Facebook the message “Erased and Forgotten” on May 10. He described himself on his Facebook page to be in a relationship since 2014. He is a native of Lavinia, Tennessee. McLemore was a producer and engineer at Move the Air Audio and Ardent Studios.

Facebook has made several announcements lately trumpeting initiatives and efforts to curb crimes including suicides being livestreamed on its popular platform by increasing its staff monitoring content being posted on Facebook and working with crisis support organizations to offer live-chat support, presumably for distressed users as McLemore.

Those who knew the musician said his mental issues and inability to move on from his break-up with his girlfriend both contributed to McLemore’s tragic and unfortunate decision to end his life.

Facebook has sent a message that it is saddened by the loss of McLemore. They reiterated that they do not allow the promotion of self-injury or suicide on their site. Facebook also said that they want users to have a safe experience on their platform and that they work with organizations around the world to provide assistance for people in distress.


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