By: Earnest Wright | 05-15-2017 | News
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Antifa Hits New Lows, Doxxing Conservatives on Twitter

Daytona Antifa posted a message on its Facebook page. The statement claimed that it’s a new antifascist group operating in Daytona and the surrounding region. It also went ahead to warn, saying that Fascists beware!

The group claimed that it exposes active racist, fascist, anti-gay, and anti-woman individuals and groups in Volusia County. The group claims that it doesn’t allow its enemies to plan their war on the group in secrecy.

The group also claimed to oppose fascists events, meetings, fundraising measures, and media outlets. Fascism must be smashed every time it rears its head.

As you’d expect the group claims that it confronts nazis, fundamentalist reactionaries, sexists, and all manner of fascists. The group claims that it took the communities responsibility by defending it from incursion by divisive, violent bigots.

The group also claims to educate the communities and itself by spreading a positive anti-racist, pro-queer, pro-woman, pro-migrant youth culture.

However, that might not be the case. The group has hit a new low by doxing Conservatives on twitter.

The latest Tweets from Daytona Antifa (@TuckFrump386): "3%er Dendy Morris of Yulee, FL #KnowYourLocalFascist"

First on the list is 3%er Michael "Big Country" Wester of Saint Cloud, FL #KnowYourLocalFascist

3%er Dendy Morris of Yulee, FL #KnowYourLocalFascist

The list of tweets by Daytona Antifa are shown below, with the list of Conservatives that have been doxed.

League of the South member Tim Mathis of Archer, FL #KnowYourLocalFascist

Jason Minnar, Supposed leader of Hernando County 3%ers #KnowYourLocalFascist

3%er Patrick LeFalchier of Oviedo, FL #KnowYourLocalFascist

Local 3%er Mike Burch of Daytona Beach #KnowYourLocalFascist

Local 3%er Chris Stencil of Winter Springs, FL #KnowYourLocalFascist @OrlandoAntifa

Local 3%er Joe Kirby of Port Orange, Fl He's been threatening Daytona area #Antifa on FB today #KnowYourLocalFascist


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