By: Ernest Jones | 10-27-2016 | News
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Trump: Im Ready to Fight Joe Biden 'The Touchy Octopus'

Following Joe Biden’s remarks that he’d rough up Donald Trump; the Republican nominee has responded saying that he would love to fight the Vice President. Joe Biden made this remarks expressing his disgust towards the groping allegations laid on Mr. Trump.

In a political rally at Tallahassee Automobile Museum on Tuesday, Mr. Trump responded confidently saying that he’d love the challenge he also asked his supporters whether they saw where the Vice President wanted to take him.

The Republican nominee said that he’d love that; sarcastically referring to the Vice President Joe Biden as Mr. Tough Guy.

This follows Joe Biden’s campaign for the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton which took place last week on Friday in Pennsylvania, the Vice President made remarks saying that if he had a chance, he’d take the Republican nominee behind the gym and teach him several lessons on how to treat women. Biden pointed out to the question which he claims is always posed to him by the press asking him if he wishes he was facing the Republican nominee Donald Trump in a presidential debate; in response, Biden Claimed that he wishes he was in high school where he would punch Trump severely.

In response, the Republican nominee Donald Trump contrasted Biden’s remarks if he was the one who had made the same remarks everyone would have been on his case claiming that he is violent and consequently that would have resulted in harsh criticism.

Chances are that the Vice President Joe Biden was responding to a tweet from Trump; the Republican nominee tweeted a video which had been previously posted by Mark Simone the New York broadcaster, the title of the video was ‘Watch Joe Biden’s Long History Of Grabbing, Kissing and Groping Women Who Are Cringing.’

The controversial video has a 1970s adult music; the video is a compilation of the Vice President massaging, touching, and whispering to several women on televised ceremonies.

Joe Biden has a reputation as a touchy octopus that lays its hands all over the place; the President actually made remarks about Joe in 2015 in the White House Dinner; he said that the Vice president rubs his shoulders as weird as it sounds.

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Anonymous No. 294 2016-10-27 : 07:29

Sorry Joe you gotta go.

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