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Trump Will Triumph Says Prof. Helmut Norporth

Professor Helmut Norpoth is renowned for developing models that accurately predict the presidential election; the outstanding professor has a track record for predicting the results of the presidential election for the last ten decades with an exception of one election.

The Professor has proclaimed Donald Trump as the winner of the presidential race to the White House.

According to Professor Helmut Norpoth who lectures in New York’s SUNY stony Brook University; he based his prediction on Trump’s strength in the primaries, he claimed that Donald Trump was the strongest in the primaries and consequently he would end up leading the race to the White House.

Professor Helmut Norpoth is a political scientist who designed a model which, when deployed retrospectively, always yields accurate predictions. Professor Helmut Norpoth’s model has been accurate for ten decades; having deployed in the 1912, the model has proved to be effective; the only exception was in the 2012 election when it was inaccurate by predicting the Democratic candidate Al Gore as the winner of the 2012 race to the White House.

In the heavily contested election, Mr. Gore won the popular vote but after a dispute in Florida, there were more votes from the Electoral College which gave George W Bush victory over Gore.

According to Professor Helmut’s model, the presidential candidate who thrives in the parties primary race they’ll ultimately win the presidential race to the White House.

In a statement made to the New York Post, Professor Helmut Norpoth said that the Republican nominee was strong in the primaries and consequently he’d win the race to the White House. According to the model, Donald Trump was to win in February and this has been accurate since then.

Professor Helmut’s model barely considers the external events and how they influence the next stages in the presidential race and whether the parties are evenly representing the whole nation as a whole. According to voter demographics, women and the ethnic minorities are known to largely affect the Democrats while white men have a higher probability to support the Republicans.

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