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...Developing... Boston Demonstrations Edging Toward Violence


Update: @jacksmithIV tweets: "From up the hill, where the antifa are chant: "The people, united, will never be defeated!" A few right-wingers… join them in the chant?"

@I_AM_IRON_VAN: "Based Stick Man speaking about #Boston Tea Party. Antifa's voices starting to crack from screaming. Prepubescent #FreeSpeech"

@kekistani_jeri: "#antifa can't get anymore stupid! #BostonAntifa wants men to dress up as women!"

Heated confrontations with counter-protesters were sparked at a Free Speech Rally on the Common. At least two people have been detained.

The two individuals could be seen being taken away in handcuffs about 1:45 p.m. after one of the free speech demonstrators crossed a police barrier in an attempt to hand one of the counter-protesters a Pepsi. The move appeared to be an attempt to mock a recent commercial that depicted a protester handing a cop a soda.

The ostensible attempt at a joke set off a scuffle between the man and one of the counter-protesters that eventually led to punches being thrown.

The guy holding the Pepsi could be seen throwing at least one punch with the can of soda still in his hand.

The other two groups have been demonstrating since late this morning and the protests have remained mostly peaceful, though both sides have been shouting insults at each other while a line of Hub cops works to maintain order.

More Coverage via Twitter:

Boston free speech rally videos: Left-wing Antifa threaten, assault journalists and Trump supporters

The members of the violent left-wing Antifa showed up to a Boston free speech rally today in an attempt to intimidate Trump supporters and journalists exercising their right to free speech and free press.

Antifa threatened and assaulted the independent journalist, Tim Pool who was simply capturing video of the rally.

Having bullied conservatives on their liberal campuses who afford them safe spaces, the leftists today believe that there is no right to free press.

But is there anything like a ‘safe space’ in the real world. The video shows Antifa getting in Tim Pool’s face, telling him that he’s not allowed to film there. Tim Pool dug in his heels and refused to leave based on his staunch beliefs in freedom of press and speech.

@Timcast confronted by Antifa for filming #Boston free speech rally.

“If we tell you we don’t want you to film us, you can’t film us.”

— Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) May 13, 2017


I love the smell of terrified college republicans. It smells like… victory.

— FUNGALMONOLITH (@fungalmonolith) May 13, 2017

Here is the man who assaulted Tim Pool. 8 chan and /pol/ are already working to identify the man.

Journalist @Timcast was assaulted at ANTIFA rally by the guy in the photos while interviewing people. #boston #freespeech

— Brian Bojan Dordevic (@briandordevic) May 13, 2017

Antifa burning an American flag:

Boston Antifa member burns mini American flag @ Boston free speech rally.

— Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) May 13, 2017

Antifa waving USSR flags:

Unsurprisingly, Antifa waving USSR flag at Boston free speech rally.

— Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) May 13, 2017

Antifa threatening live streamers:

Antifa trying to intimidate based live streamers in #boston

— Alt Right Report (@AltRight_Report) May 13, 2017


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Lon Spector No. 2916 2017-05-14 : 15:34

They want to turn this country into

beautiful downtown Stockholm, a burgening

3rd world country, a sewer of depravity and

rape. And if we become as cucked as the

Europeans, they will get their wish.

Anonymous No. 2921 2017-05-15 : 01:13

It's just like post-WWI Germany all over again

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