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Trump captures the lead in Florida

The Republican nominee Donald Trump has a strong hold in Florida; his campaign has stepped-up its effort to take over the biggest battleground in the presidential elections.

The Real-estate mogul hosted a rally in his Miami Golf Club; amidst the political rally,

Mr. Trump turned his attention and viciously attacked the President of the United States Barrack Obama by proclaiming his signature legislative achievement,

the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as ineffective and terming it as total failure to the President Obama's administration.

Trump pointed out to the hiked prices in the government healthcare insurance premiums saying that Obamacare is blowing up;

he pointed out that the premiums were a brainchild of the ACA.

The Republican nominee expressed his deepest intentions in making sure that he implemented a much lesser alternative to the expensive Obamacare.

The Republican nominee also conducted an interview before the rally in his Miami Golf Club;

in the interview, Trump attacked the Democratic nominee’s foreign policy by terming it as ineffective. Mr. Trump pointed out that Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy was not ideal for the American people saying that it would heighten the already tense relations between U.S. and Russia;

he added that Clinton’s plan would lead to World War Three.

Hillary Clinton has proposed that Syria be established as a safe zone or no fly zone;

this was part of her plan to eradicate Syria’s President Bashar Al-Assad from power,

Assad is crucial ally with Russia. Trump continued to state that the United States should focus on the ISIS and not trying to negotiate with Syria’s president Bashar.

The Republican nominee just made a stop-over in his Miami Golf Club as part of his campaign through the seven cities in Florida.

Trump’s Campaign has stepped up its campaign effort in abide to revive his poll in the crucial state which has been termed as a battle ground.

Trump ought to secure 29 electoral votes from the key state in abide to win the win in the presidential race to the White House if he is to have a serious advantage.

In the 2008 and 2012 presidential election, President Obama had a strong hold in Florida. Trump has made commendable progress as part of securing the key states.

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