By: Earnest Jones | 10-26-2016 | News
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Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP tracking poll: Trump regains the lead

The Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is leading the race to the White House in the upcoming presidential election. This is based on poll findings that have been conducted by one of the most accurate predictors with a track record of three consecutive American elections.

In a report released on Saturday by the Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP tracking poll, the Republican nominee Donald Trump has a two-percentage lead over the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

It’s surprising how the Republican nominee has overtaken the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton; this triggers the notion of rigged and phony polls as Mr. Trump calls them. This is based on the contradictory polls that had been released 16 days before the national vote; the unreliable polls that had been released by the Reuters/Ipsos electoral-vote analysis depicted the Democratic nominee with a 95 percent probability of winning the presidential race to the White House. Surprisingly, Donald Trump has come from a 5 percent chance of winning to leading the polls over the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton who was depicted by another poll as to having a double-digit lead over the Republican candidate.

The Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP tracking polls have taken the political arena by storm as everyone is amazed by the astounding progress that the Republican nominee is making. Several Political Analyst have expressed their shock after the poll was released. Based on factual statistics on the results of 11 national polls from the past three elections; the Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP tracking poll is ranked at the top.

Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP tracking poll shows that the Republican nominee has a high chance of securing 42.1 per cent of the American citizens votes as compared to the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton trails with a 40.8 percent; the poll is based on results gathered from 783 eligible voters, it clearly shows the rolling average of six days of polling with a minimal margin of 3.6 percent.

The participants were asked to give an honest opinion of which candidate they would prefer amongst the four candidates; the Republican nominee Donald Trump, the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, the Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson, and the Green Party nominee Jill Stein. Gary got a 7 percent while Jill trailed with a 3 percent.

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