By: Savannah Smith | 05-12-2017 | News
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Shocking: Footage Shows Baby Crawling In The Dirt While Parents Lie Drunk

Horrifying photos and video footage of a poor toddler crawling around in the dirt while his parents lie drunk in the street have gone viral triggering widespread shock and indignation.

Even more surprising and enraging for many is the fact that the parents were caught passing out due to extreme drunkenness while their baby is left unattended on the street twice. The parents will be facing child cruelty charges. The heartbreaking photos and video clip of the drunk parents and their neglected baby were released by the police in the south-eastern Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye.

Police first encountered the parents as they found them passed out while seated around a makeshift tire table with booze scattered around next to a baby's drinking bottle. The tot was then strapped into his baby buggy helplessly trying to wake his passed out parents. The 28-year-old mother was then lying sprawled in the dirt. The police rescued the poor baby and woke up his parents. The authorities took the family to a police station where the drunk parents were given an official warning.

Surprisingly though, only a few hours later after they were released, the police received a call from a horrified passerby. Turned out, the couple had passed out again, and worse this time the baby dangling upside down from the 28-year-old dad's hands as the baby tried to cuddle his father's shoe. Officers who responded to the call put the baby back in his stroller and took the family to the police station again.

The parents whom the police decided not to name for the time being are now under investigation for child neglect and cruelty charges. Because of the incident and the parent being unfit at the time to take care of their child properly, the baby has been taken away by local social services officers to be taken care of.

The shocking incident has angered many social media users who have seen the now viral photos and footage with some commenting that the sight of the baby hugging his father's dirty shoe is just horrible, while many others lashed out at the parents for their reckless, irresponsible act of getting too drunk, passing out and dangerously leaving the baby alone to fend for himself in the dirty ground.


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