By: Jasselle Jash | 10-26-2016 | News

SHOCKING: Hillary Clinton's happiest birthday ever

Happy Birthday! Today is Hillary Clinton’s birthday. Hillary was born October 26, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois. For her 69th birthday, some major internet celebrities have tweeted that they will give her the special present.

James O’Keefe has decided to release a new video this afternoon. The video is rumored to have the smoking gun with bank records even of Hillary Clinton conducting a pay for play transaction with a foreign company. The foreign company which is rumored to be a Belize corporation donated 1 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for some favor from the US Government.

I recommend checking PROJECTVERITASACTION.COM later today for the new video release. James O’Keefe has been spot on with the last 3 videos he released. Perhaps he is going to give Hillary a birthday present she will never forget.

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