By: Savannah Smith | 10-26-2016 | News
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Trump says defeating the Islamic State is top priority

Trump hit Obama, Hillary foreign policy failures with " incompetent Hillary" leading us to World War Three

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama share yet another common thing- that is grave and humiliating failure on the U.S. foreign policy, with Republican nominee Donald Trump going as far as predicting that if Hillary would continue to manage Syria in the manner she's been declaring, conflicts could escalate into global war and we would all end up in World War Three.

In an exclusive interview with Reuters mostly focused on the U.S. foreign policy, Trump hit Hillary for not knowing what she's doing on Syria and how incompetent she is in handling these important matters. Trump also deplores that the U.S. -through Obama and previously Hillary's failed foreign policy- is now engaging in so many conflicts with Syria, Russia and Iran all at the same time, when the country should be focusing on fighting the very real threat of ISIS.

Trump said defeating the Islamic State should be top priority instead of focusing on Assad to leave in power. Trump also said that Hillary's aggressive posture toward resolving the conflict with Syria could drag the U.S. into a world war.

Clinton favors the establishment of a no-fly zone and " safe zones" with the supposed objective of protecting non-combatants. Some analysts have expressed their misgivings on such proposal saying those zones could bring the U.S. into direct confrontation with Russian warplanes. And if elected president, Trump is seriously worried how Hillary could even begin to negotiate with Russian president Vladimir Putin when she had so intensely demonized him, especially in her public declarations through-out the campaign.

Trump also recalled how Hillary has been nasty in her wild criticisms of Putin while serving as secretary of state, and it would very tough to undo her evil vilification of Putin now or in the near future in order to improve ties with Russia. Trump reminded that Russia is a nuclear country where nukes actually work compared to other countries who just boast of nuke capability.

Trump also blamed what he perceives as a do-nothing Obama for the deteriorating ties of the U.S. with its traditionally closest ally in Southeast Asia, the Philippines. He faulted Obama who he said focused more with his golf game rather than engaging more productively with world leaders.

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