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Jeff Davis Monument and Time Capsule Removed After 106 Years in New Orleans

The Jeff Davis Monument has been taken down after 106 years. Police were accompanied by large cranes and heavy equipment as they removed the monument to former Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

The workers who showed up to work on the removal were again covered with masks and dark clothing as the city has said there have been threats made against those participating in the removal. Having been erected in 1911, the monument to Jefferson Davis and had stood in its location at the corner of Jefferson Davis Parkway and Canal Street for 106 years.

The crews were on site shortly after 3 a.m. and the actual removal of the statue was done shortly after 5 a.m. as a sling and bubble wrap were put around the statue before it was hoisted in the air and laid down on the bed of a truck.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu in a statement said that the march to reconciliation will be marked by removing the Jefferson Davis Confederate statue from its pedestal of reverence.

The proponents of Confederate-era monuments and dozens of vocal opponents gathered shortly after midnight as the second of the four Confederate-era monuments was being prepared to be removed from its location.

The two groups were separated behind barricades, just feet apart from each other. Insults and profanity-laced the verbal exchanges. 

The removal of Jefferson Davis Memorial comes about two and a half weeks after the monument to the Battle of Liberty Place was taken down. The statue of Robert E. Lee at Lee Circle and the statue of P.G.T. Beauregard at the entrance to City Park are also scheduled for removal. There is no timetable for their removal, though Landrieu has said repeatedly that it would happen soon.

Peter McGraw, president of the Monumental Task Committee said in a statement that another historic monument was removed under the cover of darkness using amateur, masked workers in armor, unmarked vehicles and equipment with a heavy police presence.

Landrieu said that three weeks ago, they began a challenging but long overdue process of removing four statues that honor the Lost Cause of the Confederacy, adding that Davis monument was a continuation of the mission.

The Davis memorial was taken down in the wee hours. Unlike the previous removal, this one had a larger group of people to protest its removal. The city began the process to remove the monuments late in 2015, but court challenges tied up the move - approved by the city council in a 6-1 vote - until recently.


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Casey Nunez No. 2881 2017-05-13 : 04:42

New Orleans is the Most Dangerous city in America you are safe at no place at no time as crime here runs rampant 24/7.

New Orleans houses more inmates than anywhere else in the world.

Now This.

just a few good reasons to Boycott This Hell hole! I returned to New Orleans a little over a year ago moving to Jeff Davis Pkwy but must sat that at this point I Can"t wait to leave again only this time we will not be returning and I say this as a lifelong resident who as a child lived a block away from The Jefferson Davis Monument and played football on the neutral grounds with friends both Black and white and the fact is never once did I ever hear anyone complaining about the Monument fact is we had a blast playing on it. The New Orleans that I knew and loved is gone and forever scarred.

#RipBigEasy if any good came from this mess I met a Vietnam veteran who came home with a brain injury and who has been homeless 44 years unity for the Homeless responded to his needs almost immediately as I contacted them with his story and tonight a American Veteran is sleeping in a warm bed

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