By: Savannah Smith | 05-11-2017 | News
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Time to Step Down? Pelosi's Brain Spasms Go Global

What is wrong with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi? Is she just being her usual strange, bizarre, some say even crazy self? Or could she be suffering from an illness?

Trouble is, such odd behavior has even reached an international audience. Pelosi was a curious, if not sorry, sight while she led a Congressional delegation in visiting the Delai Lama in Dharamsala, North India on Tuesday. It was awkward to see Pelosi stuttering with such a worrying frequency, repeating words, embarrassingly calling China "Tina" and delivering a joke that was only appreciated by fellow Americans in the delegation.

The problem started from the beginning of her short speech as she repeated herself unnecessarily. She said, " Personally, I say, Tashi Delek, Tashi Delek, Tashi Delek, Tashi Delek…"

She also had a bad case of stuttering at another point, " And I want to say how proud we are all are to be here with our charge' d'affaires Mary Kay Carlson from the American embassy in, in, in, in New Delhi."

Her attempt to draw laughs failed miserably, too,

as she delivered a joke where only the Americans in the crowd laughed as the Dalai Lama stood expressionlessly and did not react to Pelosi's joke on his age and Beijing.

Pelosi also mistakenly used the word vision for village, before correcting herself after several heartbeats. Pelosi was also caught repeating herself several times on just one matter, about a medal the Congress gave the Delai Lama. She seemed to have said an offensive remark against the Chinese, too, for their unclear English.

Worst part is when she mispronounced China at the end of her speech, calling it "Tina". Really, how could anyone mispronounce China, more so an American official?

The comments of people after watching a video of Pelosi's speech in The American Mirror Article are unforgiving. One mocked her and repeatedly said "she's nut, she's nuts, she's nuts, she's nuts." Another said Pelosi appeared "drunk and stupid". Another agreed and said " It's called too much booze over the years". One social media user speculated that what Pelosi exhibited is- "It's called Acute onset Dementia!". Another shared the opinion that Pelosi was an "international embarrassment to the U.S., and that "Trump should remove her from office on fitness grounds". One had a funny comment and said "Or replace her batteries!", but another had a quick retort and said "She was born before batteries were invented!"

Seriously though, Pelosi should resign if she's suffering from health issues- for her sake and the good of the American people.


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