By: Savannah Smith | 10-25-2016 | News
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Did Clinton orchestrate the alleged sexual assaults by Trump?

When Republican nominee Donald Trump says that all accusations against him, especially alleged sexual assaults from a number of women were shrewdly orchestrated by Hillary Clinton and her camp, he is sure he was not just simply whining. Trump knows for sure how capable Hillary is with dirty tricks and smear campaign.

Fresh Wikileaks disclosures reveal that the attacks on Trump for his almost two decades-old comments against 1996 Miss Universe Alicia Machado were carefully and deliberately planned by the Clinton team months and months ago.

It will be remembered that during the first presidential debate on September 26, Hillary brought up supposedly unflattering comments made by Trump against Machado. Trump then asked how Hillary found out about comments pertaining to Machado's weight gain during her reign as Miss Universe two decades ago, which Hillary of course capitalized on and put out of context.

Hillary did not reveal her source. Wikileaks did when it disclosed that the Clinton team prepared a 157- opposition research plan containing issues on Hillary's possible contenders including files on Sen. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Donald Trump was also included in the research file emailed as early as December 19, 2015 by Clinton research director Tony Clark to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Page 31 of the file was dedicated to Trump and his comments on Machado. It even has the page or section title " Trump Has Devalued and Demeaned Women Repeatedly Throughout His Career. "Machado has been supporting and campaigning for Clinton since June of this year. Safe to assume that Hillary reached out to her based on their research and orchestrated their use of Machado in a nasty effort to harm Trump. It makes one question who really meant to demean Machado- Trump on some candid, but objective comments two decades ago or Hillary for exploiting a fellow woman for her political ends.

The research file offers further proof on how studious and dedicated Hillary's camp is in their goal to destroy Trump with other sections titled "Reliance on Chinese Goods",

"Support from White Supremacists", and "Trump University". There’s also a subsection unit on immigration titled “Conspiracy Theories", and even on personal matters in the life of Trump like "Net Worth", "Dodging Personal Bankruptcy" and "Comments on Fidelity and Pre-Nuptial Agreements".

Wikileaks emails further reveal that the grave efforts to attack Trump date back to September 2015 when Podesta makes a pitch to campaign manager Robby Mook to include Trump in their nightly analytics report, and drop Sen. Rand Paul.

By February of this year, the team that also includes former close aids of Bill Clinton, even wanted to strengthen their attacks on Trump when Bill strategist Joel Johnson emailed Hillary's communications adviser Jennifer Palmieri, who was seemingly anxious to step up the Trump attacks. Hillary's camp has the ready resources and the ever ready willingness to attack and destroy Donald Trump that could be a threat to Hillary's presidential ambitions.

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