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Wife Installs Attendance Machine At Home To Force Husband To Come Home On Time

A working husband needs to do the time at work to earn a living, and when he comes home late at night, guess what, he must also clock in or else strict wife will get mad. And don't think she does not have a system like at work because she has also installed an attendance machine at home to ensure her husband comes home on time everyday.

If husband fails to make it home on time set at 9 p.m. at the latest, he will be fined and punished. The wife who thought and carried out the novel idea is from Shanghai, China. She said it has proven to be an effective measure, because her husband has been coming home earlier since the "rule" has been enforced.

The practice came to the people's and media's attention in China after WeChat user 'EmmaYi' wrote about her visit to a friend's home where she saw of the strange attendance machine. Wechat is the most popular social media platform in China as many other globally popular sites such as Facebook are banned in the country.

According to the Wechat user, her married friend justified the use of such an attendance machine for its function of helping her "manage" her husband who works at an internet company. Previously, the husband had to work until very late at night all the time, something that upset the wife. The wife reportedly said that if her husband's company uses the attendance machine to check his clock-in time, then surely she can use it,too, to monitor his clock-off time.

The husband is required to come home on or before 9 p.m. everyday and he needs to clock in using the attendance machine. A list of rules can be seen placed next to the machine. Husband faces paying almost $13 each time he is late for 30 minutes, and if he is late for more than 30 minutes, he will be punished with household chores over the weekend.

There are a few perks, too, for coming home on time like being allowed a free pass in not washing the dishes if he comes home on or before required time. The wife has reportedly said that her relationship with her husband has improved since he has been " reporting back home" on time.

The post has gone viral, subject to lively discussions ranging from serious marital talks to internet jokes. Some poked fun and asked if the could be managing several husbands at a time, hence, the need for an attendance machine. Another asked for the machine brand, and yet another user commented that the wife should watch out because based from what she's imposing, her husband might not return home eventually.

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