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Evil: Parents Starved and Tortured 7-Year Old Son to Death - Fed His Body to Pigs

It is both sad and enraging when the very people who are legally and morally bound to protect children horrifically do unimaginable and unforgivable cruelty and abuse to innocent little angels. An evil dad and an equally wicked stepmother starved and tortured a little seven-year-old boy to death, and heartlessly fed his remains to the pigs.

The poor, little boy, Adrian Jones was a "bag of bones" when he died in 2015 after months of horrendous abuse and cruelty at the hands of his father and stepmother, Michael and Heather Jones. Later accounts and results of investigations would later reveal the extent of harrowing abuse the child suffered from the very people who should have been the first ones to love and protect him. The boy was bound to kitchen cutting boards and forced to stand in filthy water up to his neck for hours.

Adrian was also starved, beaten, and shocked with a stun gun by his unimaginably wicked stepmother- at times the torture lasting for as long as 20 seconds, according to court hearings. A tearful, affected detective who handled the case told a hearing to try to "imagine the screams of a seven-year-old boy" and stressed how long those 20 seconds of agony could be for a vulnerable child.

The little boy practically starved to death after suffering from months of terrible abuse. The evil couple's landlady, Jennifer Hoevers, reportedly also discovered more horrifying pieces of evidence of the couple's extreme cruelty to Adrian through images on Heather's computer, found after their arrest. There were photos of Adrian shivering outside with his hands and feet shackled and standing in the shower, looking emaciated. There was another photo that showed him posed rigid, tied to kitchen cutting boards. Another one displayed his poor lips covered in sores. When his maternal grandmother, Judy Conway, saw the shocking and heart-breaking photos, she said she threw up. She described her grandson in the photo as looking like the most malnourished kid from a third-world country.

Proving he is completely without heart and conscience, Michael Jones fed Adrian's remains to pigs especially bought to get rid of his young son's body. There were still remains found in November 2015 in a barn on a property rented by the couple. Officers learned that the little boy has not been seen for several months before they learned the harrowing truth. They were also able to see some of the shocking abuse the boy experienced from those captured by surveillance cameras set up in the house.

Michael Jones, 46, pleaded guilty to first-degree felony murder just this March, or 16 months after Adrian's remains were discovered. He will serve a life sentence of 25 years in jail before he can even seek parole. He did not show a trace of emotion as he was locked up yesterday. His wife and the boy's stepmother, Hearher Jones, 31, also pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and child abuse in November. She is also serving a life sentence.

Conway said that she thinks the father showed no remorse. She also described Adrian as a sweet boy that she will always remember. The grieving grandmother is now calling for a public inquiry into how no one helped her grandson during his months of unforgivable abuse and torture.

Detective Stuart Littlefield said during Michael Jones's sentencing that indeed the boy's body was horrifically fed to pigs when the couple-killers could no longer stand the stench of his body. He also said that while Adrian is gone, and that there's no changing what happened and he can't be brought back, people can change the future. He said there are still more children being abused right now- and they should be found and saved.


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Anonymous No. 2817 2017-05-10 : 08:18

I hope the prisoners of whatever jail they go to make their last days hell. How have the authorities not intervened earlier to save this child if they knew he was being abused?

sad No. 2819 2017-05-10 : 12:38

i hate people who do this

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