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Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson was on fire Tuesday night, as he took the media apart for pushing ridiculous conspiracy theories regarding Melania Trump’s health including suggesting her marriage was abusive.

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The liberal media has been spreading outlandish conspiracy theories simply because Melania took time away from public life after undergoing a kidney procedure. “But over at CNN, they are not buying that story. They are proud journalists at CNN, self-consciously proud,” Carlson mocked.

FNC's Tucker Carlson Tonight

June 5, 2018

8:00:32 AM Eastern

TUCKER CARLSON: But first tonight, you probably heard that Melania Trump had a kidney operation last month, that kind of thing happens to 48-year-olds, even famous ones. She took a few weeks to recover, stayed off TV, didn't give any speeches. All pretty typical for someone who just got out of the hospital.

But over at CNN, they are not buying that story. They are proud journalists at CNN, self-consciously proud. And if there's one thing they knew for certain, one thing that was drummed into them at the top-shelf schools they attended, it’s that Republican first ladies lie a lot and are evil and for the sake of civilization must be destroyed.

So CNN did not buy a word of that and the network has assigned their most dogged journalist to crack the case, the squeak and persistent Brian Stelter, who hosts some kind of weekend show no civilian television viewer has ever actually seen. Stelter understood immediately that the whole “kidney operation” story was just a cover for something darker and more sinister, likely another international scandal emanating from that dark lord Vladimir Putin himself. Stelter hinted as much his viewers, watch.

BRIAN STELTER: One thing the President of the White House have been quiet about is Melania Trump and her status. The last time we caught a glimpse of her was on May 10th, 24 days and more than three weeks. There have been questions about her surgery, her time at Walter Reed and now her invisibility.

CARLSON: Questions about her surgery, questions about her time at Walter Reed? What questions exactly? Who is asking those questions? Brian Stelter didn't say because he couldn't say. Those are not real questions and this is not reporting, it’s a passive-aggressive attack. CNN’s point was that Melania Trump is a liar and she's doing something immoral. She must be, look who she is married to. Stephen Colbert came to the same conclusion, watch.

STEPHEN COLBERT: As of the time we are taping the show right now, the first lady has not been seen in public for 25 days. Well, I'm not surprised, I took that Shawshank guy years to tumble out. Melania is supposedly reemerging to attend an event in the White House tonight. But who can be sure because the event will be close to the press? But the White House did release the official photo proving the first lady was totally there.

CARLSON: Over at Rolling Stone which apparently still exists, someone called Jamil Smith speculated that Melania Trump was in hiding to conceal signs of physical abuse. At The Atlantic, David Frum agreed and then suggested that the President may have punched Melania and then ordered the Secret Service to cover it up.

Keep in mind that at one time David Frum was a serious intellectual, or what passed for one in Washington. Now he is merely a buffoon. And even more buffoonish, as of last night, when the actual Melania Trump showed up at a veterans’ event, very much alive and unscathed, so much for all those questions that Brian Stelter pretended to care about.

What's so interesting about all of this is how much journalists hate Melania Trump. Imagine hating Melania Trump. Whatever else she is, Melania is not an overbearing public figure. She's not lecturing you about your weight or trying to control your personal life. She doesn't weigh in on, I don’t know, tax rates or global warming. It's unlikely she will run for Senate from New York when this is all over. Nobody thinks she’s one her husband's key political advisors. You may never even have heard Melania Trump’s voice. Many people haven’t. She doesn't talk much in public.

Melania Trump has done absolutely nothing wrong to you, or anyone you know, or anyone you will ever meet. She married Donald Trump, and that is her only sin in the eyes of the press corps. And yet it's enough to disqualify her from even the most basic consideration of decency. Here, for example, is super sensitive modern- guy comedian Jimmy Kimmel making fun of her accent which he thinks is silly and foreign sounding, alien, really.


CARLSON: So do you think Kimmel would be okay mocking the accent of one of his many Guatemalan housekeepers? How about of an MS-13 member? Please, that would be racist. But Melania? Well, she’s Trump. Therefore, she’s guilty.

There was a time when the left used to argue that people outta be judged for what they do not for who they’re related to. “We’re all individuals” liberals were forever telling us. And thank God they were. Collective punishment is wrong, it is immoral. That's what they said. Did they ever really believe that? Who knows, but they don't believe it now.


The number of Americans who view the first lady favorably now rests at 57 percent. She is beautiful and elegant. She is a loving mom and wife. The left simply has no reason to hate her. If she was liberal they would love everything about her and would have worried about her hospital stay instead of making up ludicrous stories and then believing them.

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Melania Trump

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Melania Trump

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Melania Trump

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Donald Trump and his fiance Melania

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Melania Trump

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Melania Trump

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Melania Trump

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Melania Trump

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Melania Trump

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Melania Trump

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Melania Trump

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Melania Trump

From. The Whitehouse:

First Lady of the United States Melania Trump is the wife of President Donald J. Trump and the mother of Barron Trump. She is the second First Lady born outside of the United States, and she is the only First Lady to become a naturalized U.S. citizen. And like the First Ladies before her, Melania Trump will make her mark on history.

Melania Trump was born on April 26, 1970, in Slovenia. At age 16, she began what would soon become a highly successful modeling career, appearing in many high profile ad campaigns and working with some of the best photographers in the fashion industry.

In 1996, Mrs. Trump moved to New York and ten years later, she proudly became a United States Citizen. Mrs. Trump has always been an active member of her community. In 2005, she was Honorary Chairwoman for the Martha Graham Dance Company. That same year, she was awarded Goodwill Ambassador by the American Red Cross—a role she served in for four years. Mrs. Trump served five years as Honorary Chairwoman for the Boys’ Club of New York and was named Woman of the Year in 2006 by the Police Athletic League. Mrs. Trump has participated in National Love Our Children Day and National Child Abuse Prevention month, ringing the closing bell at NASDAQ.

In 2010, Mrs. Trump was the Chairwoman for the American Heart Association, which raised $1.7 million for research. That same year she launched her own jewelry collection.

While Melania Trump became a household name in modeling and a contributing member of her community, she is first and foremost a mother and wife, and in 2017, Melania Trump made the White House and Washington home for her family.

In her role as First Lady, Mrs. Trump focuses her time on the many issues affecting children. An unwavering characteristic of the First Lady is her aptitude for showing love and compassion in all that she does. Mrs. Trump spends much of her time meeting with children who are patients at hospitals and care centers. Recently, she took valentines to the Children’s Inn at the National Institutes of Health and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Over the Easter holiday, she made a surprise visit to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Palm Beach, Florida, bringing Easter baskets to the children. Following the devastating hurricanes last year, Mrs. Trump visited Texas to meet with families that suffered greatly under Hurricane Harvey. In the wake of two horrendous mass shootings, Mrs. Trump traveled with her husband to Las Vegas and Parkland to be with the victims and families in their times of need. Internationally, Mrs. Trump has visited several hospitals and schools. One of her most memorable visits being at the Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesu in the Vatican City, where she met a boy who had been waiting for a new heart. Upon arrival in Belgium the following day, Mrs. Trump learned that the hospital had found a transplant for the boy–Mrs. Trump celebrated the news in a press statement and said, “my own heart is filled with joy over the news.”

As First Lady, Mrs. Trump has made multiple visits to schools—both foreign and domestic. From participating in a Viking huddle class, which focuses on emotional learning at Orchard Lake Middle School in Michigan, to taking the Queen of Jordan to Washington, D.C.’s first public charter school for girls at Excel Academy in Southeast, Mrs. Trump is always bringing children to the forefront of her agenda. While traveling abroad, Mrs. Trump visited the American International School in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with Education Minister Ahmed Al Eissa, and took a calligraphy lesson with local children at Kyobashi Tsukiji Elementary School with Mrs. Abe while visiting Japan. Earlier this spring, Mrs. Trump invited a group of local students to the White House so she could talk with them, hear their stories, and understand the issues they are challenged with today. Mrs. Trump addresses those issues each opportunity she gets. From Governors’ spouses’ luncheons to the United Nations General Assembly, Mrs. Trump puts the emphasis on children and how we can protect them, teach them, and empower them.

In the midst of the opioid epidemic, Mrs. Trump has utilized her platform as First Lady to raise awareness about the dangers of opioid abuse—notably the devastating effects it has on infants and unborn babies. Mrs. Trump traveled to Huntington, West Virginia, where she visited Lily’s Place, the Nation’s first nonprofit infant recovery center that prioritizes the whole family to ensure infants born dependent on drugs are given the best opportunity to thrive. More recently, in February, Mrs. Trump traveled to Ohio to visit Cincinnati Children’s, a leading pediatric hospital where she learned more about the ongoing research around neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS)—a harmful result of drug abuse in pregnant mothers. Mrs. Trump has participated in multiple opioid summits and continues to work with the Administration on raising the awareness of opioid abuse and how we can better protect children from it.

On May 7, Mrs. Trump launched BE BEST—an awareness campaign focused entirely on the well-being of children. The campaign has three pillars, which represent key areas of concern for Mrs. Trump: well-being, which includes the social and emotional health of children; social media, and understanding both the positive and negative effects it has on our children; and opioid abuse, and how to protect our most vulnerable from the effects of drug abuse while educating parents about the detrimental effects of opioids.

After the launch, the First Lady is dedicated to carrying out her BE BEST campaign.

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We Love You, Melania

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1Tim 5:24 theyll get theirs sooner or later this rock isnt the end! Theres a more glorious time awaiting those who believe! (Commit)

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Does anyone else get nausea from the literally "Hell-Bent" ways?

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I think the president is doing the right thing. Give the media enough rope and they'll hang themselves. As far as I'm concerned, they are already meat sacks dangling in the breeze. Dead men and women walking around who haven't the courtesy to crawl into the dirt.

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CNN will hopefully fade away and sink like a ROCK… never to be seen again in the ocean of lies they spread.

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What they are doing will all come back on each & every one. I have always felt that it was inappropriate for comedians to tell scathing jokes about ANY president or their family. Anytime I heard it done in the past, even when it was Obama, it made me cringe. I just feel it is disrespectful, not only to the office but also to the nation & it's people. If we do not hold our President's in the highest of regards, we ALL look bad,

When they're done, After you find out they were flimflamming ya… THEN you can talk about them all ya want. Then… They deserve to hear what a huge disappointment they are.

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Your article exposes the childish hyprocrisy of the left in its childish tantrum attitudes about strong conservative women who could care less about what they say or think or even who they are and they can’t stand it. I could insert here a whole list of unimpressive liberal women whose noses are out of joint but who cares?

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she was shacked-up with ME. what a gal!

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she was shacked-up with ME. what a gal!

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