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Bomb squads reported that everything was clear after a scare at Terminal D of the Bush Intercontinental Airport. The scare began when police were alerted to a man's claims that he had explosives in his bag.

Airport officials said the man was an "impatient passenger at a ticket counter" he didn't want to wait so he made up a threat thinking it would force airport employees to let him through.

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The bad decision led to Houston police bomb squads being deployed at the airport to investigate the man. The claim that he had explosives in his bag was made around 8:45 a.m. and b 10:30 a.m. the airport was cleared and reopened.

Bill Begley, a spokesman for the Bush Intercontinental Airport said, that Terminal D was immediately cleared and the investigation had "minimal impact" on the airports daily operations. Begley also said the bomb squad investigation occurred during a slow period of the daily traffic.

No flights were delayed but it is unclear if the man will face charges.

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Anonymous No. 28066 1528334516

They really need to change the name of that airport! It's embarrassing to have the name of bush on anything! The father is a assassin of our greatest President and the son is dumb as a box of rocks and helped them bomb the twin towers, not to mention the false wars they got America into! The names a disgrace!

tab No. 28103 1528376776

The Bush's should all be on DEATH ROW for their parts in 9/11.

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The Bush's should all be on DEATH ROW for their parts in 9/11.

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