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Al Gore is Back! Wants $15 Trillion Carbon Tax

Al Gore is relaunching his failed fool's errand of reversing modernity and saving the world from itself through an elimination of its fossil-fuel based energy system. In the last week of April, Gore's newly-created Energy Transitions Commission released a document on how to "decarbonize" the world's energy system.

But it's nothing more than a mere rehashed ideas based on his views on carbon dioxide he first forced on Americans and the world in his 1992 book, which he reissued in 2000 for his failed presidential campaign. Nothing much has changed really since the idea first came about 25 years ago. Gore also remains every inch the stubborn man he is when he first promoted himself as an opponent of everything linked to carbon-dioxide. But some may be deceived by the new, sophisticated and expensive public-relations campaign he employs to continue selling his failed ideas.

The core policy recommendation Gore is promoting remains pretty much the same- massive, punishing carbon tax. Gore wishes to start the tax at $50 per ton, which would increase to $100 per ton over time, ultimately destroying the market for continued healthy development of the world's fossil-fuel base. Gore is so set to ruin as well the country's economic growth and the personal well-being of the people which depends on robust fossil-fuel use. The projected total cost to achieve Gore's goal of re-engineering humanity is a " mere" $15 trillion- enough money already to give every man, woman and child in the United States more than $46,000.

Gore has been trying to marginalize all those involved in the traditional energy sector for almost thirty years now. He has anchored on such campaign his political power and personal wealth. His multi-trillion-dollar effort today is his most sophisticated effort to date. Too bad for him it is bound to fail again, simply because what he is essentially selling in his " new" proposal is bad for the people he is courting to support his ideas.

Through-out the years, it has never mattered to Gore that ordinary people everywhere have been hurt and will continue to be hurt by his continuous efforts to make fossil-fuel energy expensive. Worse, the poorest people are the ones harmed the most by the energy policies he pushes for.

One of the top goals of Gore's anti-humanity proposals is the elimination of fossil fuels, full stop. If Gore will have his way, he will not allow for greater use of natural gas into the 2030s, but he eliminates coal right away. He also permits for oil use to grow into the mid-2020s, and to "decarbonize" with the end-goal of fossil-fuel phase-out. Unfortunately for Gore, and fortunately for the American people, the fossil-fuel-free world Gore imagines is contradicted by the mountain of evidence gained and recorded from human history.

The world- or at least its advocates- observed the 47th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, the first one being born in 1970. So many changes have occurred since then, the population of the earth grew from 3.7 billion to 7.5 billion, and life expectancy for all the world's people has increased by 11 years, to 67 years old. Food production has also risen as well as energy production and consumption, mainly due to fossil fuel, which has increased by more than four times.

The natural environment has vastly improved, too, since the first Earth Day, through urbanization and the biosphere and agriculture are more dynamic. Numerous studies also show that the Earth is greener because of the additional carbon dioxide in the air. The flawed computer models backed by radical environmental activists have also failed consistently, and it has been established that they can never serve as a reliable tool to make policy judgments governing the future of human life on Earth. Positive developments have been the result of are closely linked to the healthy use of fossil fuels, including oil, natural gas and coal.

Whatever falsehoods Gore promotes, the one enduring truth is that the world will continue as is- allowing the billions of people alive today and the billions more yet to be born to come and enjoy longer and better lives. There will always be additional energy to grow food, resources to build cities. With people also helping urbanization, the Earth will allow the natural environment to improve, as it had for decades. Gore's astounding $15 trillion carbon tax should then be strongly rejected for the fake, liberal environmental vision it tries to ram down people's throats and thoughts.


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