By: Savannah Smith | 05-09-2017 | News
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Colorado Teacher Accused Of Allowing Children To Smash Trump Pinata

There are legitimate and rational protests and political expressions especially when discussions and statements are based on solid arguments and valid issues. It is, however, another matter to be merely scandalously disrespectful to authorities like Americans' duly-elected sitting President, Donald Trump. Things take a turn for the worse when those who lead, initiate or tolerate plainly rude acts are people who should stay politically-neutral in the discharge of their duties such as teachers who hold considerable influence on children and minors whom they teach.

School officials in Colorado are probing accusations that a high school Spanish teacher allowed students to attack a pinata bearing the picture of President Donald Trump on it during a Cinco de Mayo celebration. The incident allegedly took place on the grounds of Roosevelt High School in the northern Colorado town of Johnstown as confirmed by Johnstown Milliken School District Superintendent Martin Foster.

The teacher's name has yet to be released. It is also reported that said teacher in question is on paid leave.

The issue arose after Lesley Hollywood, the parent of a Roosevelt student, said she was offended when she saw a video of the pinata on the social media app Snapchat. Hollywood shared that she did not support Trump during the election but she finds the pinata as disrespectful.

Another teacher was suspended in late January over a bizarre video of her screaming 'die' and shooting Donald Trump with a water pistol during her presentation in class. The footage of teacher Payal Modi firing the water gun at the image of Trump during a broadcast of his inauguration went viral after she herself posted it on her Instagram. It was seen by tens of thousand of viewers. The clip drew strong backlash and outrage from social media users, especially from Trump supporters.

Modi was placed on administrative leave and the district mounted an investigation. Modi has deleted the controversial clip and has made her account private.

It is not yet clear whether the school probe on the Colorado teacher would lead to similar penalties as those meted out on Modi. What is certain is that it is sad when those who teach are the ones who need to be taught valuable lessons on respect and wisdom at times.


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Fire the teacher!

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