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Surgeons Remove LIVE EEL From Chinese Pervert's Torso

A 40-year-old patient in China arrived at the hospital with his stomach hugely inflated and in chronic pain.

In surgery, Doctors were surprised when they found an Asian swamp eel inside the man’s stomach. Doctors were tugging the half-meter slippery eel to free it from their patient’s body after cutting him open.

Incredibly, the man survived despite having a live eel living inside him, and also surviving after the eel was pulled from his body.

Eels have pointed jaws, sharp teeth and a slender body that moves in waves, this allows them to burrow efficiently through sand, mud and pebbles. The eel has a head as large as a ping-pong ball.

A doctor said that the eel had broken through the patient’s intestines and created a mess in his abdominal cavity, almost killing him. The X-ray revealed the extent of how the eel had swam through its victim’s insides. The man also suffered a punctured pancreas.

Reports say that the eel died shortly after it was removed from the patient. It was fortunate for the patient that he made a full recovery after the surgery.

The man said that the eel swam up inside him by itself but later admitted that he inserted the living eel up his anus.

The man told doctors in Guangzhou that he was suffering from constipation and he had heard word on the street that his condition could be effectively relieved or even cured by a living eel. But his treatment turned ugly when he started suffering from stomach pain and was forced to ask doctors for help to remove the eel from his body.

Eels are a delicacy in China that is why they are very common fish available in most local markets.

In 2013, another case was also reported in the Guangdong province where a man was hospitalized after inserting an eel into himself for sexual pleasure. A woman was also hospitalized earlier this year for the same reason.


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