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Serial Killer Ted Bundy Haunting his Childhood Home

Serial Killer Ted Bundy's Childhood Home Is Haunted As Spooky Things Are Happening There scary, hair-raising and unexplainable things took place in the Tacoma house where serial killer Ted Bundy spent his childhood. The spooky things are at such high level that a contractor hired to remodel the house had to write bible scriptures on the walls and brought in two pastors to bless the house.

For one, as crew members worked on the basement, a cry for help appeared on a window. Heavy furniture wedged into a wall toppled over without anyone moving them. Doors and cabinets open by themselves.

Casey Clopton, the contractor, first set foot on the house in October, bringing along his 11-year old daughter who occasionally accompanies him to his work to take down notes for him. On that instance, however, his daughter started crying and said she felt weird and did not like it there. She refused to be left alone in any area in the house and because of her sheer discomfort, father and daughter simply decided to leave the place immediately.

Clopton still returned to the house the following week because obviously there was work to be done. He brought with him a demolition crew. One crew member said that he also did not feel right about the house.

All the scary things started happening in September when David Truong bought the 1,400-square-foot home with plans to renovate the place. He apparently did not research about the home's history, the local lore associated with it, or who had lived there. Things started happening that are both scary and unexplainable at the same time. There was the instance Clopton and the crew re-entered the house which had been locked- and every door, every cabinet drawer was open.

There was also the time that the workers were cleaning up the flooded basement and saw the words "help me" written on the glass. Such is really odd given that a screwed-on screen protector would have made it difficult for someone outside to write it. Then there was also the case when a heavy dresser inset in the upstairs hallway wall somehow pulled itself out and landed on its face on the floor, and while all the crew was downstairs working. Workers believed it would have taken at least one strong man to pull it out and it was almost impossible for the dresser to have fallen on its own.

Cell phones and other electronics would sometimes get unplugged and immediately die. The crew also found the word "leave" written in sheetrock dust on a bedroom floor with no footprints around it. Clopton initially thought that his crew might just be pulling pranks but when he had the chance to talk to neighbors curious about possible break-ins, that is when he found out who once lived in the house.

The house was built in 1946, the same year future serial killer Bundy was born in Vermont. The Bundy family transferred to the house in 1955, when Ted was 9. Ted lived in the four-bedroom house with his mother, stepfather, and four siblings. Neighbors remember Ted having a bedroom on the ground floor but one record shows his room was at the foot of the stairs in the basement.

Bundy always insisted in previous talks that he grew up "in a wonderful home with two dedicated and loving parents." Louise Bundy was a strong defender of her eldest son and has always stood by his innocence. But then he issued several death-row confessions. In 1989, the 42-year old Ted was executed in Florida after being convicted of killing two sorority sisters and a 12-year-old girl. Investigators also tagged Bundy to at least 30 slayings, though they suspect there were dozens more. His killing spree began in 1974 in Washington and went on for years across 11 states.

Bundy told a psychologist before his execution that his family was regular church-goers and that he believed his violence stemmed from an obsession with pornography that fueled dark fantasies. Some even think that Bundy could have started killing as early as when he was 14.

Clopton already informed Truong and James Pitt III, the real estate broker, regarding the spooky things happening in the house. Clopton sought the help of pastors to bless the house after he learned the house's connection to a serial killer. Two pastors came to the house and went from room to room, reading scriptures and saying blessings.


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