By: Earnest Jones | 10-25-2016 | News
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Media still won't admit Trump is winning

The Republican nominee made a statement on Monday stating that the media is hesitating to report the truth about the November 8th election which is two weeks around the corner. Donald Trump tweeted that his campaign trail is winning, but the biased media is refusing to report on the victory, instead the media is feeding the voters with biased and phony polls. Trump went ahead and urged his supporters not to be fooled by the media but instead to come out in large numbers and vote; the tweet was tagged ‘drain the swamp’ a common phrase used by the Republican nominee referring to evicting the corrupt leaders in Washington.

Despite the findings released by the RealClearPolitics average national polls which claim that the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is 5.8 points ahead of the Republican nominee, Trump has stepped up his endeavors to ensure he increases his coalition and wins the presidential election.

FiveThirtyEight conducted a polls-forecast that clearly show what the Republican nominee has severally warned; the forecast released a biased 84 percent probability on Hillary Clinton winning; the forecast continued to issue a 327.7 electoral vote for the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, this clearly contradicts the findings by RealClearPolitics which released a national poll which points out that Donald Trump has a 39.2 percent lead while Hillary Clinton has a 45 percent; this is just one of the many instances that clearly show the discrepancies in the polls; prompting the suspicion that maybe the warning issued by Trump is true.

In a statement made on NBC’s “Meet the Press” by Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, she re-affirmed that Donald Trump’s campaign was very strong since it used a different approach whereby the Republican nominee was very close to the American citizens and he interacted with them at the grassroots level. On the other hand, Kellyanne said that the Democratic nominee’s campaign was entirely dependent on the high-profile surrogates who have been endorsing her.

The Republican nominee has continued to emphasize that the election is rigged against him and that the media is working in collaboration with the Democratic nominee’s campaign to try it’s best to win the presidential election on the November 8th. Trump continued to warn the American voters of the widespread voter fraud being conducted by the Democrats; in a tweet from the Republican nominee, he warned the American citizens not to be distracted by the widespread voter fraud but instead to come out aggressively and vote in large numbers.

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Anonymous No. 278 2016-10-25 : 06:10

It's obvious that trump is winning because clinton cant even get 300 people to show at her rallies

deplorable No. 279 2016-10-25 : 08:04

"RealClearPolitics which released a national poll which points out that Donald Trump has a 39.2 percent lead while Hillary Clinton has a 45 percent" — proofreading should be a virtue.

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