By: Chris Yalom | 05-08-2017 | News
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Not Black Enough, Miss Black University Winner is Race Mixed

Rachael Malonson, this year’s winner of Miss Black University of Texas is being criticized as for not being black enough.

Malonson had been receiving numerous messages from her Twitter account questioning her racial credentials and also being slammed as not looking “black enough.” Most tweets she received questioned if she really is biracial. Some tweets even criticized the pageant itself for choosing a winner who does not "look black" for them.  Because of the barrage of so many tweets, Malonson deleted her Twitter off of her phone. 

Malonson, whose father is black and mother is white and considered as biracial has a light skin and looked less typically black than many biracial people. For her, the problem is that, she does not fit the stereotypical look that a black person would fit.

Someone even literally asked her if she is really black and even asking her to prove it. One guy even tweeted, "Kind of sad that the black community didn't have the brass to limit the pageant to only women that look black." 

Nyles Washington, a member of the predominantly black UT fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi sided with Malonson. For him, Malonson was able to meet the two qualifications for entering their pageant: to be a woman and have some African-American in your heritage.

Professor Kevin Cokley, a psychologist and professor of African Studies at the university said, that people of African descent who are more phenotypically black have not gotten positive messages about their looks. Malonson on the other hand winning the pageant might have added to this negative message. 

Though Malonson was surprised from the online reactions, she hopes that she’ll be able to use her platform as Miss Black University of Texas to help people break away from those stereotypes.


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Lon Spector No. 2776 2017-05-08 : 16:00

The United States is as cucked as France.

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