By: Earnest Jones | 05-07-2017 | News
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4Chan: Leaks Macron campaign emails

Users on 4chan claim to have uncovered a treasure trove of thousands of documents, emails, and photos related to French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron and his campaign. Reports from Disobedient Media indicate that the files were sent to members of the Chicago Hacking Conference THOTCON, which later confirmed that they are legitimate.

Portions of the release were examined by an analyst who says that the owners of the email accounts were working with very poor security. The email communications are also reported to have been targeted by a number of hacking methods, including brute-force attacks and spear phishing.

Jack Posobiec, who is a popular conservative personality and Rebel Media Washington Bureau has been reporting on the leaks extensively. He made a tweet earlier on in which he referred to the drop as big as the DNC leaks.

Posobiec reported that the emails show Macron was involved in questionable activities. The controversial leak comes just days after Business Insider reported that Russian hackers targeted Macron, France’s favorite presidential candidate.

Business Insider cited security firm Trend Micro, which reported that telltale digital fingerprints linked the Macron attacks with those last year on the U.S. Democratic National Committee, the campaign of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and that similar techniques were also used to target German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party in April and May of 2016.

However, the French cybersecurity agency was hesitant to blame the attack on Russians, stating that it’s very easy to be manipulated adding that the attacker could pass themselves off as somebody else. The alleged email dump is not the only controversy hounding Macron’s campaign right now.

 French prosecutors have actually opened an investigation into allegations that Macron is linked to an offshore banking outfit. Macron maintains that he is not involved in any such thing and instead blames his opponent, Marine Le Pen, and Russian agents. Macron has not made a statement concerning the leaks.


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Lon Spector No. 2775 2017-05-08 : 15:52

It's a cold day in hell when the Soviets

call more about the welfare of the West,

then the West cares about it's OWN welfare.

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