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Illinois – 43-Year-Old Woman Pregnant with Daughter’s Twins

A 43-year-old southern Illinois mother is carrying twins and would soon give birth to the babies who are, in fact, her grandchildren. Such scenario became possible because her daughter is unable to get pregnant, so the mom made the sacrifice of going through pregnancy all over again to fulfill her child’s wish to be a mother herself.

The woman’s daughter, Micaela Johnson, was diagnosed with a rare form of cervical cancer in 2015. She and her husband decided to froze their embryos before Johnson underwent a treatment process that left her infertile.

Thankfully, Johnson became cancer-free after two years and she was 26 years old. She then decided it was the perfect time to expand their family and have children of her own.

Johnson’s mother, Sheila Gump, is 43 and healthy, making her a good candidate for surrogacy. Luckily for Johnson, her mother was more than willing to do her a favor and carry her own grandchildren in her womb for nine months.

Gump is expected to give birth to twins- a boy and a girl- in July. Gump is as excited as her daughter for the arrival of the twins. She says she is looking forward to “spoiling” her grandchildren.

Surrogacy is an expensive process in the country with costs that can range from $91,000 to $105,000. Commercial surrogacy, or paying another woman to carry one’s baby, is only allowed legally in some states.


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