By: Major Burdock | 05-05-2017 | News
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Kiss of Death? Obama Endorses Macron in Video Ad

Ex-president Barack Obama endorsed French Presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron today by means of a dry, scripted video. There are two remarkable things about this.

First, is the irony of signing off with "Vive La France." France is a country being destroyed by immigrants and left-wing supporters. Is this the snake eating it's own tail here? Second, The Obama CIA was ordered to hack Marine Le Pen’s websites back in 2011 and 2012.

Wikileaks released documents in February that show Obama’s CIA sent out orders to hack Marine Le Pen and other presidential candidates in France.

Are Obama and Macron forgetting that the voting public has a memory?

Here is a sample of comments on The Gateway Pundit:

"He is doing what he said Russians did to our elections, sticking his big nose where is doesn't belong, once again. He is meddling with another Country's election. Egotistical Pig."

"After costing his party over 1000 seats in the last 8 yrs Ah-Bama is focusing on screwing up the libs in France"

"Obama is wasting his time because if these hosts know what a con Obama is so will France…Terror is running rampant in the streets of France. And Obama is a huge reason for that."

Given the files recently released online implicating Macron in fraudulent banking schemes, the questionable nature of the polls, the obvious liberal bias in the French Press and an endorsement from this man.

This is all seems quite familiar to something that happened back in November.

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