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SPLC is Suing Daily Stormer's Anglin- And He's Asking For Help To Stop The Bad Guys

The Daily Stormer and its editor Andrew Anglin are facing a huge fight, and it is asking its supporters to be on their side to win the war by donating to their cause.

Remember the case of Sherry Spencer, the mother of Richard Spencer, who was blackmailed by so-called political activist Tanya Gersh into selling her building at a rate that is disadvantageous to her plus other unbelievable demands, and threatened to send 200 protesters and national media to stage a "rally" outside her property if she refuse? Daily Stormer featured that story, and its editor Andrew Anglin invited his readers to join the discussion on the issue, make their opinions known especially with the deplorable attitude and scheme of Gersh. The site asked supporters to tell the likes of Gersh that they are sickened by such Jew agenda to attack and harm the mother of someone they disagree with.

Anglin while openly asking for the public's engagement with the issue, especially readers and followers of Daily Storm who consistent with the freedom of free speech and expression, however, was still quick to caution supporters then to be generous with their opinions ,but to avoid any threats of violence. Anglin was very firm in asking everyone not to do anything illegal, unlike Gersh extortion efforts and harassment and bullying ways. Yet, guess what, Gersh the aggressive and mean-spirited self-proclaimed activist is now shamelessly playing the victim card. Incredibly unbelievable is that Gersh is suing Andre Anglin with the help of Southern Poverty Law Center. Now, in cahoots with SPLC, she is asking hundreds of thousands of dollars from Anglin for daring the public to exercise their right to the First Amendment by simply commenting on her condemnable extortion scheme.

Andrew Anglin is now appealing for help from Americans who strongly believe in upholding and defending freedom of speech and expression, and those who are as appalled by Gersh's actions. Anglin needs money to put up a decent legal defense, and continue the good fight. If Anglin can not fight the absurdity and temerity of Gersh as aided by SPLC, The Daily Stormer will also likely to fold up and disappear online, silencing narratives, voices and views the mainstream media will not report on.

The Daily Stormer also said that unfortunately, lawyers from an arbitrary jurisdiction can not appear" pro hac vice" without the appearance of a local counsel as per the rules of Montana district Court. Daily Stormer then needs to come up with a "king's ransom" for Anglin to fight a federal civil case. And they need at least a six figure sum to fight the enemy of First Amendment, and for The Daily Stormer to survive and continue with its mission.And it is not just The Daily Stormer and Anglin's fight. Gersh v. Anglin is an obvious violation of the rights of the whole Internet to criticize public figures, which Gersh happens to be one, given that she pass herself off as a public political activist. The Daily Stormer and Anglin need to fight this battle- or war- because if not, a major alt-right press outlet will die and will Gersh to perpetuate the lies she used in her case against Anglin that as a "helpful realtor" she was just faithfully assisting Sherry Spencer, instead of being the master manipulator that she is.

There are serious legal flaws in the case filed by Gersh and SPLC as noted by constitutional scholars. Beyond those, the Daily Stormer sees this war as " the last stand of the alt-right. The site said that the democratic process has failed them, and only their memes remain. They are appealing to supporters and followers to fight with them and ensure Gersh will not get her wicked ways and will be crushingly defeated.

The Daily Stormer is asking for donations and contributions from their supporters, followers, like-minded individuals, and all Americans, and even the rest of the world, who believe in the freedom of speech and expression, and the need to fight for internet freedom. The site has announced the ways to send contributions for the legal fund needed to fight the good fight: Bitcoin will be accepted; it is said to be the most useful currency because it can't be seized easily by court orders. See the site for the bitcoin code and other links.

Cash, checks or money orders will also be accepted and can be sent to Andrew Anglin, PO Box 208, Worthington, Ohio, 43085. And for Anglin and freedom's cause, Wesearchr will also be accepting crowdfund support via credit cards.

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