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Woman Who Taught Parot to Insult her Neighbor is Stabbed to Death

Two warring neighbors, a parrot with a 'foul mouth' and a murder. That seems to sum up the strange case of a man in Italy who has been accused of murdering his next-door neighbor because she supposedly trained her pet parrot to hurl insults at him.

Ignazio Frailis, 46, from Capoterra, Sardinia allegedly stabbed to death his neighbor Maria Bonaria Contu, 60, as she was out on a walk with friends. He was said to have stabbed her 11 times and injured her friend who tried to defend her from his attacks.

Frailis was later described by arresting police officer Eugenio Fatone as being "very cold, very calm and full of rage." Investigators said they may have reasons to believe that unemployed Frailis decided to murder Contu, mother of two, because she had coached her parrot to make derogatory remarks against him. It was reported in local media that whenever Frailis passed by Contu's property, the parrot would insult him. It was not indicated what particular insulting or offensive phrases or words the parrot used against Frailis that would warrant his rage, and a desire for revenge.

Investigating magistrate Paolo De Angelis said that Frailis spent much of his time at home just playing violent video games within earshot of the bird. It was not clarified in local media reports whether the parrot or its owner, Mrs.Contu, was affected or irritated by the noise of the video games.

Angelis said that hearing the parrot insult him all day may have triggered an obsession with Frailis. He is not excluding the possibility that Frailis may have mental issues. In the end he said, no matter how insulting the parrot is, even if he may be the "worst parrot in the world", the murder can not be justified.

There had been prior hostilities between the neighbors. Arresting officer Fatone said that Frailis has complained before about the parrot. Officers had attempted to reach a settlement between the at-odds neighbors by suggesting to Contu to transfer the parrot to a different room, not facing Frailis's house. It was not clear whether such suggestion was rejected by Contu, or if there have been other issues between the neighbors.

Frailis's uncle, Dario Serra also came to his nephew's rescue by defending him and saying he is not violent. Serra said he is "a good person" and that he took care of cats and dogs and "has never hurt anyone." Of course, such statement of support will be weighed against the testimonies of Contu's friend who was with the victim when the attack was made, especially given the severity by which the murder was carried out- horrifically with 11 stabs and all against an elderly lady.


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