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100 Gang Members Arrested In Chicago Memorial Day Raids

Police in Chicago, Illinois conducted a series of raids at the start of Memorial Day weekend that saw 100 people arrested and dozens of guns confiscated. Police found one address where an arrest was made was operating as an illegal daycare. There were also weapons and drugs inside the home in the 1000-block of West Marquette Road. One person was taken into custody, and the children were not hurt.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr"><a href="">@Chicago_Police</a> say arrests now total more than 100 in raids designed to insure Memorial Weekend safety. <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; CharlieWojciechowski (@Charlienews) <a href="">May 25, 2018</a></blockquote>

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Officers with a search warrant seized four guns from the Englewood address where they found 8-10 children in the basement apartment. Chicago Police Deputy Chief Dana Alexander said, "Officers described the location as being in deplorable condition. The officers very quickly turned the kids over to the parents, contacted DCFS." The Chicago police department confirmed the house was just one among many search warrants served in the last 24 hours. The search warrants yielded drugs, 30 guns, and 100 arrests.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said, "These missions are an important piece of our holiday weekend strategy, sending a message to those who catalyze violence that we will not tolerate it and we will come after you." Officers found a DCFS daycare license at the Marquette bungalow but it was for a different location, and the license was not operational. Deputy Chief Alexander added, "One of the weapons like I alluded to was recovered from a backpack, as the officers described it, in a common area where the kids were playing."

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One gun was even found outside of the home which the DCFS reported was not considered a licensed daycare provider. The woman with the faulty license was taken to jail. The raids leading into Memorial Day weekend are supported by an extra 1000 officers set to hit the streets to help curb violence that usually follows long holiday weekends in the windy city.

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Bruce Wayne No. 27208 2018-05-27 : 04:00

gee, they look like peaceful people to me!

Anonymous No. 27236 2018-05-27 : 13:03

Eww all blacks?!

Anonymous No. 27241 2018-05-27 : 13:12

Soon to be let back out onto the streets, because that's how Chicago rolls now.

Chicago Sparky No. 27272 2018-05-27 : 19:12


Tootie No. 27288 2018-05-28 : 00:23

Why are they all black? Seems racist to me… 🤔😂😱

Sasmenot2022 No. 27311 2018-05-28 : 05:27

Why are they all black? Really…….probably because the crips and bloods do not typically accept whites.

Anymouse No. 27335 2018-05-28 : 11:53

How will this effect the gun violence in Chicago this weekend?

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