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Leaked Documents Show Macron a Fraudster

Some were surprised with the fast political rise of the star of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron. That is why he probably needs to be scrutinized more, especially with him being the supposed frontrunner in the "winner take all" face -off election on Sunday. With only three days to go, maybe it's never too late to get to know more of Macron and dig deeper. published a report of a potentially controversial issues Macron should face.

Documents leaked online earlier today seem to show that Macron entered into an operating agreement for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the Caribbean island of Nevis. Said company is speculated to have had business relationships with a bank which has also been previously involved in tax evasion cases in the Cayman Islands. This in spite of Macron's claim that he was not concealing assets or holding secret offshore accounts made less than a month ago.

The first document apparently shows that an operating agreement was drawn up on May 4, 2012 to form "La Providence LLC" under the 1995 Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance bearing Macron's name and signature. La Providence also happens to be 'coincidentally' the name of Macron's former high school in Amiens, where he also met his wife who used to be his drama teacher there. The decision to form a company in Nevis appears suspect now, because the Nevis Confidential Relationship Act prohibits the disclosure of relevant information and also guarantees the secrecy and privacy of offshore LLCs in Nevis. It is also strange that information about the company owners is not published nor made available to the public. Nevis has been described by Bloomberg as one of a number of popular tax havens in the Caribbean.

The second document shows the letter sent by the First Caribbean International Bank to La Providence Ltd indicating a business relationship with Macron's LLC. First Caribbean International Bank may be remembered for being controversial because Forbes reported that it was implicated as a facilitator of tax evasion in 2013. It has also been named by Reuters as a player in fraud relating to the 2015 Federation Internationale de Football Association ( FIFA) scandals, after it was established that a representative for First Caribbean had personally collected a check from a FIFA official and then returned to deposit it in the Bahamas account.

When questioned in April, Macron denied that he was hiding offshore accounts or inheritance from authorities in France, just as his opponent Francois Fillion became mired in similar accusations. If the documents that have just emerged will be proven to be authentic, after all, then it would show that Macron is a liar and engaged with disreputable businesses. The documents may also provide important clues as to where the hidden funds may be truly located, and once and for all unearth who Emmanuel Macron, aspiring French president truly is.


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