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The Republican nominee Donald Trump met with local farmers at Bedners Farm Fresh Market, on the 24th of October in Bayton beach. During the campaign meeting, Donald Trump emphasized that the disgusting media is busy distracting the American voters with “phony polls” Trump reassured his loyal supporters that his presidency to the White House will make it through despite the media’s efforts.

The Republican nominee Donald Trump stormed in Florida in a major campaign to tighten the grip in the battleground state; the campaign aimed at securing the crucial Pennsylvania which seems to be drifting away, Trump’s team has stepped up its efforts as the November elections are only two weeks around the corner, it’s thus the golden hour for the Republican nominee to put his best foot forward to ensure that he makes his way to the White House. The Pennsylvania voters share is one among the battleground states in which the Republican nominee has one of the highest stakes to ensure that he accumulates the much needed 270 electoral votes to win the presidential election.

The Republican nominee Donald Trump is in a fight of his life; the Republican candidate has proven to be unstoppable and relentless amidst the much-heated campaign spree. Trump has switched gears as he endeavours to broaden his coalition at this crucial stage of the campaign process. Trump’s campaign has been so strategic as seen in his entire campaign journey, he has unleashed the scorched earth campaign which has rendered his opponent Hillary Clinton helpless.

In the meeting with local farmers at Bedners, Trump reassured his supporters that he is winning; the meeting was in a round table discussion with several farmers. Donald Trump had made a statement 24 hours before the meeting in Bedners in which he suggested that the First Amendment to the Constitution will give the press excessive freedom; Trump emphasized that the media is feeding the American citizens with biased polls with an intention of discouraging them from casting their votes.

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Anonymous No. 273 2016-10-25 : 03:34


Anonymous No. 274 2016-10-25 : 03:34

Im starting to get tired of so much winning!

Anonymous No. 275 2016-10-25 : 03:35

Make sure to go to the polls in november to vote. We cant win if we dont vote!

Anonymous No. 276 2016-10-25 : 03:36

God Emperor Trump!

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