By: Major Burdock | 05-04-2017 | News

Trump to Lift Ban on Churches Getting Involved in Politics

Tomorrow is The National Day of Prayer in the US and Donald Trump will likely use the occasion to give more freedom to Churches to become involved in politics.

A proposed order will give the Treasury Department guidance on how to enforce the 1954 law known as the Johnson Amendment. Right now, religious organizations can lose their tax-exempt status if they become involved in politics.

If that is changed, you can bet the number one topic you'll be hearing more about is abortion. With churches free to spend tens of millions, candidates they like will be seeing some pretty fat checks as soon as the mid-term elections.

The move is also symbolic. About the only religious organizations that would give to liberals are mosques. And the Godless politicians will benefit nothing from the Bill. Republicans will have a unique chance to solidify the supoort of the religious right. That's worth a lot of campaign money.

Another topic sure to come up is whether businesses should be free from prosecution if they refuse to serve gays. For example, a bakery being forced to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. Many Christians have supported such measures in the past and are sure to love Donald Trump for doing so now.

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