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Facebook Gets 3,000 New Hires To Review Content

The brains behind the platform originally envisioned it to connect and bring people together, and so it is heartbreaking for him to see it now being used by some for scandalous, deplorable intent. Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg finds it hard to see people " hurting themselves and others in videos streamed live on Facebook. The popular social media site also received quite a flak from the public for the issue. In response, Facebook is hiring 3,000 people for its "community operations team", to help stop hate speech, child abuse and self-harm being broadcast on the website.

Zuckerberg said he would make reporting problematic videos easier. The plan follows shocking cases of murder and suicide being broadcast live on the social network. Last month, a man was murdered in a video streamed live on Facebook. Towards the end of the same month, a Thai man killed his baby daughter and then himself again in a live stream.

Zuckerberg said the additional staff they are planning to hire to join the 4,500 staff onboard would help their embattled company respond more quickly when the content was reported. Zuckerberg also said that Facebook would develop new tools to manage the millions of content reports it receives every week.

The young CEO said it would be easier to report problems to the platform, faster for their reviewers to determine which posts violate their standards, and easier for the site to contact the authorities if someone needs help.

Zuckerberg's statement suggested that Facebook would contact law enforcement if there's a problem, instead of Facebook staff directly contacting their members or site users if they are at risk of harm.

Facebook said that just last week, they got a report that someone who goes Live on the platform was considering suicide. The site staff immediately contacted law enforcement who are more competent to handle such emergencies. With that, they were able to prevent the Facebook user from hurting himself.


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