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Why Do The Gays Want Colbert Fired? And Why #FireColbert Is Trending!

Comedian-host and ally of the liberals Stephen Colbert find himself in hot waters after terrible remarks he made on the show, that not only ridiculed President Donald Trump but offended the gay community as well. Now, led by gays, many Americans are so riled up, they're calling for one thing: 'Fire Colbert!'. Will his network listen to the public clamor?

Colbert took his regular slamming of Trump to new lows and deplorably sick levels with a vulgar joke involving the country's 45th President, gay sex, and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Colbert used as a take-off for his fresh tirades against Trump the President's decision to abruptly end a "Face the Nation" interview over the weekend to fire off a 12- minute monolog on his CBS "Late Night" show. A long line of insults against Trump concluded with Democrats-loving Colbert saying of the commander in chief: "The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin's c–k holster.

And Colbert is certainly not getting away with such tasteless, appalling joke and supposed commentary. U.S. TV viewers have called on network CBS to fire Stephen Colbert as his crass, vulgar, disgusting joke drew instant rebukes from social media users, many even saying that the joke was also homophobic.

A Twitter campaign demanding CBS to sack the controversial host has already gone viral, with the hashtag #FireColbert trending worldwide. There were also calls for advertisers to cut their relationship with the network, and also pull out ads from Colbert's now embattled show.

And this time it is not just Trump supporters and conservative commentators, including Republican consultant Karl Rove, who took to Fox News to call Colbert "SOB" who are criticizing Colbert for the tasteless joke, but the comedian-host also drew the strong ire of LGBTQ activists. And it has been raining #FireColbert all over social media.

One social media user said:" #FIRECOLBERT His remarks about our president were disgusting even for him". Another posted: "For someone like Colbert who typically presents himself as LGBTQ ally this is not a good thing. It's an expression of systemic homophobia. Tennessee (@TEN_GOP) for its part tweeted to its thousands of followers a petition for CBS to fire Colbert: "Here's a list of @CBS advertisers. Let them what we think of Colbert's obscene attack on Trump.

Another Twitter user said: " Waaaaay over the line. Needs to issue a formal apology & go on several weeks of UNPAID leave. Else, #FireColbert. Another pointed to the hypocrisy of liberals: "It's truly amazing. Liberals scream about homophobia every single day but when Colbert goes on a homophobic rant… crickets. #FireColbert!!! And still, another said: " Never heard a joke about #obama the whole 8 yrs. Colbert took the vulgar insults too far. @CBS needs to apologize. Not cable. #FireColbert.


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Anonymous No. 2696 2017-05-03 : 16:55

Our memetic kill order went well then.

Tim No. 2707 2017-05-04 : 02:29

Fire him his humor is not funny it's discussting.

Kevin Gorman No. 2708 2017-05-04 : 02:55

He is rude and anti-American. Letting good talent go to waste. Angry robot of CBS.

Dr Pawel Dudek, MD No. 2709 2017-05-04 : 02:56

Appalling. Disgusting. Inexcusable. I will boycott ALL adversizers for his show .

Thomas No. 2710 2017-05-04 : 03:38

His jokes are offensive to LGB community and racist!

Marty No. 2711 2017-05-04 : 06:10

Colbert needs to go! Disgusting,disrespectful, rude, homophobic, not funny. Some of us were still watching cbs, but no more!

Anonymous No. 2712 2017-05-04 : 10:52

Grow up. I'm gay and not offended!Trump is homophobic. Anyone seen today's news? Once again the Republicsns are using religous freedom to discriminate!

Loretta No. 2713 2017-05-04 : 12:10

Funny Colbert makes fun of Trump for being homophobic and then insults the gay community with his Monologue. He is not funny. He is a PIG.

Stevepariza No. 2717 2017-05-04 : 13:03

I voted for Bernie, and then voted for Hillary. We lost. Even though Hilary voters are the majority of voters, we can not disrespect the presidency. We have a president, HE represents US. If we show no respect for our president how can we expect anyone else to respect us. 50 years ago, in a simpler time, in a more polite time, and a better time for social conscience, this type of speech would not have been tolorated even if the president was widely disliked. Colbert isn't only a raceist, anti male, and anti current establishment, for personal profit, he represents majority rule! Now that he feels his views are held by the majority of people in this contry he feels he can say anything he wants without repercussions. Democrats have rallied for years, decades even, for fair representation of everyone. Now we have a democrat spewing hate speech spearheaded against, not only the president, but large portions of the American society because he feels entitled to do so by his money, his power, his platform, his followers, his majority. I am a democrat and I say we need to change, we need to wake up and not allow the cultural elite,and the rich to lead us to a point where we fight for inequality and the degradation of the minority for the gain of the rich. That's you Stephen Colbert! Stop trying to make money by getting your ratings up, start trying to help. Give half of your million dollar daily pay checks to make a change or support a positive cause,or shut the fuck up! You are not a campion because you say you are and you are able to profit from it, you are a campion by your deeds!

Cookie No. 2719 2017-05-04 : 15:47

He is showing more Hatred than than the enemies of our country! He is a public figure whom kids do stay up to watch and he is a disgusting, disrespectful bully and he is showing our children that its ok to be a bully! He is just the worse human being on TV today…FIRE HIM!

Gee No. 2723 2017-05-04 : 19:51

Vulgar I can agree, Homophobic? I don't get. If its about the ck holster comment, Why would the gay community define themselves around a comment specific to a sexual oral act? If the joke was about Hillary instead of Trump would it be Heterophobic? Nothing he said insulted gays. The fact that Trump & Putin are both men is irrelevant to the context of the joke, as vulgar as it may have been. Calling it homophobic is a bit of a stretch. Gays don't hold the market on having cks in mouths. Its degrading to them to even associate the gay community to that specific act. "DUMB!"

Shawn No. 91854 2018-11-29 : 05:36

Colbert would say anything. He has no restraint on his mouth. He's disgusting and vulgar. The absolute lowest network tv has sunken that I've ever heard.

Anonymous No. 91856 2018-11-29 : 06:07

This was just the latest. Remember when he pissed off the Asians with his "Ching chong ding dong foundation" joke that fell flat. What Stevie Boy doesn't realize is if you're going to attempt offensive or vulgar humor you better at LEAST make sure it's funny first!

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