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The Latest wikileaks hacked emails reveal The Clinton Foundation's connection with Mr. Hashim Tachi. He’s Prime Minister of Kosovo.

Mr. Tachi was managing a crime gang called The Drenica Group. This group was involved in organized crime through the 1990s. Some of their more interesting activities were. Money laundering, drug and cigarette smuggling, prostitution and of course HUMAN organ trafficking. Mr. Tachi the now Kosovo President closely cooperated with organized crime structures in ALBANIA, MACEDONIA,BULGARIA and The CZECH REPUBLIC. Drenica group built an impressive large amount of power that flourishes in Kosovo.

Clint Williamson an American diplomat who went to investigate crime against humanity in Kosovo stated that, “Drenica group is responsible for murdering a group of people and trafficking their kidneys, livers and other body parts. The group also murdered, kidnapped, and detained people illegally back in 1999.”

Despite the knowledge of the allegations against Mr. Tachi , the Clinton Foundation invited him to attend the Clinton Global Institute (CGI) conclave in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

The John Podesta hacked emails reveal that Tachi and his government have other connections to the Clintons. In 2012, The Republic of Kosovo signed a $50,000 lobbying contract per month with Podesta Group a lobbying firm founded by John and Tony Podesta. John is Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman.

The Podesta Group’s relationship with Kosovo and other foreign governments is mentioned in Wikileaks hacked Podesta emails.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is really nasty. Rigging the elections and creating chaos in every Trump Rally and now the new revelation involving her campaign with Mr. Tachi.

We might not have ever known about the shady organ transplant smuggling that the Clinton campaign has been an accessory to, if it had not been for the courageous work done by the Wikileaks people.

I hope you will all pay attention to the facts that have been presented by concerned people, and not the emotional skullduggery coming from the Clinton campaign when you cast your vote in November.

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