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Shocking!: FBI Woman Ends Up Marrying The IS Recruiter She Was Tasked To Investigate

There's certainly wisdom in the caveat for those in the intelligence or law enforcement fields not to get too up close and personal with the subjects they're following or investigating, and much more to "sleep with the enemy" for it can really spell trouble for an officer's career and family life. One FBI woman learned this the hard way.

The FBI has confirmed that one of its German-speaking translators traveled to Syria to meet the man she was investigating, not to probe deeper but, shocking as it is, to actually marry him.

Daniela Greene, now 38 years old, was assigned in January 2014 by the FBI's Detroit field office to investigate Denis Cuspert, a German rapper turned IS recruiter. Six months later the linguist made the trip to Syria in 2014 but lied to her employers about her destination and her goal for traveling. Greene, who was born in Czechoslovakia, told her bosses at the FBI that she was planning a trip supposedly to Germany to visit her parents. She traveled instead to Turkey, and from there, crossed the Syrian border with the help of local IS operatives.

What makes Greene's decision even more shocking is that she was married to a U.S. serviceman at the time she married terrorist Cuspert. Greene's story was initially ordered by a U.S. judge to be kept a secret but was revealed for the first time just this Monday after records of the federal court were unsealed. Greene has, in fact, already served her two years in prison for making false statements involving international terrorism. She was released last summer.

Greene shortly after arriving in Syria in June 2014 reportedly married Cuspert, who by then had dropped his rapper stage name of Deso Dogg and called himself Abu Talha al-Almani.

Greene's romance with her new husband apparently did not last long as she had a change of heart shortly after reportedly marrying him. She was said to have written to someone in the U.S. to confess how she made a mess of things at that time. She also said that she's gone and "can't come back". Greene also shared then to her confidante in the U.S. that she was in a harsh environment in Syria at that time and did not know how long she would last there and even thought that things are little too late for her then. Still, barely a month since arriving in Syria, she was able to return to the U.S. It is unclear, however, how she managed to escape from Syria, her terrorist new husband, and IS, without getting killed.

Greene later admitted to investigators that at one point she revealed to Cuspert that he was a target of an FBI investigation. Prosecutors who handled Greene's case said her actions were "egregious" and deserving of "severe punishment". Greene, however, still managed to get a relatively lenient sentence because of her "significant, long-running and substantial" cooperation with authorities by the time she came back to the U.S. Her lawyer, Shawn Moore, also described her as "smart, articulate and obviously naive", but certainly "genuinely remorseful" for betraying her profession, her employers, her family and her country. Moore said that " she was just a well-meaning person that got up in something way over her head". Greene now works as a hotel hostess at an undisclosed situation.

In February 2015, the U.S. government labeled Denis Cuspert a specially designated global terrorist. The FBI in an effort to give assurances said that "they took several steps in a variety of areas to identify and reduce security vulnerabilities" after the incident.

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Anonymous No. 2685 2017-05-03 : 02:00

ISISrael is our (((Greatest Ally))) goy.

Anonymous No. 2688 2017-05-03 : 05:38

She should have been killed for this shit, but no, she gets 2 years in a tax payers high class cell

kelltic No. 2694 2017-05-03 : 14:26

Wonderful. The woman is probably a spy. Now she has a home in the U.S. Are taxpayers supporting her too? She should never have been allowed to enter the U.S.

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