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Obama Stooge James Clapper Argues He “Was Thinking Something Else” When Lying Under Oath

The now disgraced former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has been placed under the microscope - thanks to President Trump's exposure - but Clapper argued on The View Tuesday that his excuse for lying under oath to Congress is that he simply had something else on his mind.

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In an appearance on ABC’s The View, James Clapper tried to justify the fact that he lied under oath to Congress about the National Security Agency spying on the American people. He suggested that he “made a mistake,” instead of stating the obvious, <i>which is that he lied</i> to Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) about the NSA’s capabilities and ongoing activities.

The same year that James Clapper chose to lie under oath, <a href=""> The Guardian </a>published the first report that Verizon was giving the NSA phone and text message records without any warrants signed by a Judge.

This has been deeply disturbing for Civil Libertarians and many Conservatives, although there has yet to be any justice for the crimes of either Clapper or the intelligence community for prying into American citizen’s lives.

To<a href=""> quote a statement made by Alan Dershowitz in early May on The Goldwater </a>, “I don't want to live in a police state.”

The American people wholeheartedly agree.

As the world knows, Edward Snowden would infamously unmask the truth about the NSA to the American people, which forever would change the way the people of the United States as well as the world would look at the intelligence community.

Before the revelation from Snowden, Clapper had testified before the Senate, where he was brought to Capitol Hill to discuss the various surveillance programs the intelligence community engaged in.

This testimony occurred as the controversy was spreading across the nation over warrantless surveillance of the American people.

Clapper was directly asked the question, “Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?” Clapper answered without hesitation saying, “No, sir. Not wittingly.”

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When James Clapper testified to this, it was a lie, and he was fully aware of it when knew he said it.

James Clapper should have faced federal crimes for perjury, but as this March approached, the statute of limitations for his crimes was running out.

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Does that mean Clapper isn't subject to a sealed indictment? No, nor is he immune entirely. He committed perjury, but that hasn't stopped him from appearing on shows like ABC’s The View to defend his erroneous behavior.

Clapper today said that he was merely “thinking something else” while committing a federal crime as if that somehow exonerates him of responsibility.

Obama even went as far as adding James Clapper to panels which were tasked to review the very programs he had lied under oath about, underscoring a broader problem with the former regime and cover-up efforts.

With the next release from the office of the Inspector General, we will soon see just how deep corruption that was.

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Frances No. 26957 2018-05-24 : 02:32

Okay, should I lie to the police, FBI, or other agencies because I am "thinking about something else", will I now get a free pass? I wish.

T Goldwater No. 26995 2018-05-24 : 13:29

sounds like Clinton's "It Depends on what the word 'is', is"

Randy No. 27073 2018-05-25 : 14:15

"We hang petty criminals, and promote the great ones to public offices. To paraphrase Aesop

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