By: Jim Cherney | 10-24-2016 | News

Will Americans Trust Networks That Broadcast Fake Polls?

It turns out the conspiracy guys weren’t that far off. The new Wikileaks Podesta emails are relevant and prove that the election polling is a fraud. I’ll just pick on ABC a little bit. The latest ABC poll has Hillary Clinton winning on November 8. ABC is giving Hillary a 6% lead in the polls as of September 26.

However, they just happened to do some oversampling. There were 9% more democrats in their poll than republicans. I am pretty sure that most democrats will vote for Hillary and most republicans will vote for Trump. That’s the American way. If we were to remove that 9% extra trump would be winning that pol by 3%.

With a statistical margin of error of 3.5% that would make the two candidates virtually tied.

The IBD poll has Trump capturing 43% of the vote, with Clinton with Clinton gathering 41%. In the 2012 election IBD’s poll was the most accurate. It looks like IBD might still be the most accurate. Actually the ABC poll would be right in line with this poll, if it wasn’t padded, or oversampled by 9%.

It’s starting to look sinister to me. If the major networks will pad their polls for pay, and continue to project these false numbers. The psychological effect could be enough to grab a few % points from the ignorant, or less educated citizens. It is proven that people will follow a winner. Like rats following the Pied piper.

If we add the 24 million suspiciously registered voters that Donald Trump mentioned in his Gettysburg Address on Saturday. The election is starting to approach the double digit win for Clinton that ABC recently announced. If that doesn’t do it. There are the 1.4 million multiple state registered bussing voters that the Veritas Action Group’s brilliant undercover work has uncovered. I’d be surprised if Clinton doesn’t win with a 70% margin. That is approaching the type of election result you would see in a progressive communist country like China.

It’s no wonder that the meme generation is hitting so hard on this. If you can read through the propaganda generated by those attempting to Correct the Record.

Here is what they are saying on 8chan. One of the largest image boards on the internet.

I gathered these juicy bits from the politically incorrect board, otherwise known as /pol/


One writer said,

“My only real concern left with the election is the rigging…How do we go about preventing it? I mean with the polls showing her winning normies will believe it if she wins.”

Another chimed in with,

“We all know polls are used to push public opinion under the guise of impartially surveying it, but it's always funny to see how conscious and blatant it all is. Would be interesting to see if they do unpublished accurate polls and how they handle those.”

A cute response from another.

“o-oy vey, goy

oversampling isn't a thing

70% of all voters will be democrats, predicting it like this makes perfect sense

o-or are you an anti-semite?

Another touching post read,

“Oversampling doesn't even matter. If a population is 70% black and 30% white, of course you have to sample 70% democrat and 30% republican. It's just the way that demographic areas work - if you just sampled 50/50, that would be racist, because it gives the 30% of white voters 20% more representation than they should have. Oversampling corrects gerrymandering and that's why Hillary's polls are more accurate than the racist LA Times poll.”

An informed reader replied.

“Oversampling means over representing certain groups you dumb cunt. Matching it to real demographic proportions is just called "sampling."

“Election day is going to be a shoah. All these fools believing safe-space polls will get the shock of their lives.”


It's always 2008 to the democratic party

We have to spread this. I'm tired of hearing this hillary is up 12 points! Lie

Well, hell this just keeps going on and on and on.

Shills are on suicide watch. That was literally all they had left

All we can really hope for is that enough of the voting machines won’t be ‘fixed’ on election day.


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