By: Savannah Smith | 05-02-2017 | News
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Chelsea Gets Another Award For Nothing Special

Bill and Hillary's only child Chelsea, once dismissed by Clinton top aide Doug Band in those leaked emails during the presidential campaign last year as "spoiled brat" and "someone who has not earned her place in the world", continues to earn awards she did not earn nor worked hard for. As many things with her life, another new "recognition" was given to Chelsea simply for being a Clinton, Democratic daughter to Democratic parents former president Bill and former senator, secretary of state and defeated presidential candidate Hillary.

After being "honored" with a Variety-sponsored "achievement award", Chelsea happily accepted last week annual City Harvest Award for Commitment to fighting hunger in New York City. And what has Chelsea done exactly to merit such a seemingly socially-relevant award hailing her "commitment" to "fighting hunger"? Well, sorry to all tireless anti-poverty advocates and activists, development, humanitarian and no-profit workers, social entrepreneurs, sociologists and other social scientists, artists, volunteers, why even dedicated legislators and politicians who have been doing actual, concrete hard work in fighting real hunger all over with their minds, hearts and physical labor, Chelsea's just winging it, the Chelsea Clinton way.

One single day in 2017, along with her family-run charity staff, Chelsea, the Clinton princess, helped City Harvest pack some grapefruit. But it must be an exhausting, laborious work as it involved packing 25,000lb of grapefruit to distribute to New York, hungry residents. Still, packing grapefruit? What a gigantic, magnanimous contribution and commitment to fighting hunger indeed!

No offense to the fruit that's so packed with essential and good vitamins, but Hillary's award is a shame to all dedicated volunteers serving the poor and hungry in New York. While packing grapefruit is not exactly hard work that even small grade schoolers can do it, Chelsea's supposed commitment to City Harvest is just anchored on the fact that the family-run Clinton Foundation is a financial sponsor to the City Harvest. And so, it is not so much for her "efforts, for her dedication and hard work" that Chelsea is being acknowledged for: it is simply about the money, money that came from big sponsors to the Clinton Foundation, including from dubious ones as revealed in the last campaign.

Social media users reacting to Chelsea's award could not hide their contempt for what they feel is such an undeserved recognition for an entitled only child of the once power couple Clintons. One said: "I'm surprised someone hasn't given her an award for wiping her own ass." One also commented: "She didn't even hand it out. She had her help do it." And another had the perfect punch for the incredulous award: " She gets another award for being the daughter of 2 liars, cheaters, most corrupt people in America."

Oh well, maybe someday the 'spoiled brat' will finally grow up so that she will not have to content herself with what pass off as work. So she would not have " to settle" for such privileged positions like the cushy top executive job she gets at the Clinton Foundation for which she is handsomely compensated for, to the NBC News "special correspondent" she got years back for which she earned a staggering $1.55 million just for doing 14 fluffy feature stories in two years with just a cumulative of airtime of less than an hour. Maybe she is not so hopeless yet that she will finally muster the courage, guts, and dedication to finally break free from her "lofty" position and do what many average Americans do, especially the toiling one who repudiated her mother last election: do real work, every day to earn and live.


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